This is the best way to mount a mirror on your home wall

How to install mirror glass on the wall is often overlooked. Actually, there is a special technique for proper installation. This article will help you with some tips and tricks.

In addition to paying attention to proper installation techniques, mirror installation requires adjustments to the design of the room.

In order not to be mistaken, see the explanation below!

Preparing to install a mirror on the wall of the house

how to install mirror glass how to install mirror glass

1. Develop an installation plan

First, make a design plan.

Because this affects the type of drawing and installation technique.

Determine the location of the mirror, you can choose to place it in the entire area or only part of it.

Also, determine whether the mirror will use a frame.

This affects the installation technique and the thickness of the mirror used.

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2. Choose the type that suits the room

There are two types of mirrors commonly used in interiors, namely ordinary mirrors and bronze mirrors.

If you want to give the room a broad impression, use a regular mirror.

But if you want to give the room an elegant impression, choose a bronze mirror.

3. Don't neglect measurement

Before installing the mirror, measure the area of ​​the wall where the mirror will be installed.

Measuring mirrors must be accurate.

Besides making it easy to install, it is also very useful as a guide when ordering and installing mirrors.

4. Pay attention to the thickness of the mirror to be installed

Not only size, the thickness of the mirror to be installed also plays a role.

Use 5mm thick mirrors in a variety of frameless mirror applications.

We advise you not to use a thickness lower than this figure, as the mirror will not fit and produce a distorted image of the room.

As for the mirror design that uses a frame on the edges, it is enough to use a mirror with a thickness of 3 mm.

This is because the frame also holds the mirror in place.

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Choose how to install a mirror at home

Installing a frameless mirror is not as easy as a framed mirror.

For that, we need a special way to do it.

There are two ways to install mirrors, especially frameless mirrors that you can try.

Listen below, come on!

How to Install a Mirror Using Screws

how to install mirror glass how to install mirror glass

The first way is to use screws.

First, drill a hole in the end of the mirror to attach the screw. Then screw in the mirror.

To avoid disturbing the appearance of the screw, install a cover over the screw head.

Then, apply the sealant to the edges of the mirror.

To avoid dark spots, choose a mirror sealant that is neither acidic nor neutral.

How to Install Mirror Glass Using Glue

The second is the use of glue.

But before that, make sure the area where the mirror will be attached must be covered with 88mm thick plywood/plywood.

You can do this by applying a special glue to several points on the surface of the plywood.

Special mirror glue can be purchased at hardware stores.

how to install mirror glass how to install mirror glass

Avoid applying glue evenly to the plywood surface, as this will make it difficult for you to remove or remove the mirror later.

For reinforcement, in addition to the special glue, double-sided tape is placed between the glue points to prevent the glue from drying out.

Double-sided adhesive tape can help keep the mirror from sticking to the plywood.

Now if the mirror is installed, the next step is to apply neutral sealant on the edge of the mirror.

Good luck friends, I hope this article helps.

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