6 Feng Shui fridge location tips that you can apply at home

Who would have thought that the location of the refrigerator could affect your home life? Wish you good luck and see where there is a suitable feng shui refrigerator to live in!

Refrigerator is an electronic product that must be owned in almost every home.

According to Feng Shui, the existence of a refrigerator is not only used to store food, but also affects the lives of family members.

If the location is not right, this will bring your family into constant conflict and bring you unlucky luck.

Therefore, it is important to know the feng shui of the correct placement of the refrigerator before storing items at home.

From sonora.id's report, let's look at the correct feng shui explanation of the location of the refrigerator!

Fridge according to the location of Feng Shui at home

1. Resize refrigerator

the location of the refrigerator according to the feng shui of the house the location of the refrigerator according to the feng shui of the house

The feng shui trick for the location of the refrigerator in the first house is knowing the correct location.

This means that you have to adjust the size of the refrigerator to the area of ​​the kitchen.

If you have a large kitchen, we recommend choosing a refrigerator with two doors.

On the other hand, if you have a kitchenette, you can opt for a single door refrigerator.

In feng shui, the size of the refrigerator is disproportionate to the storage space, which can easily lead to money disputes.

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2. Do not place the refrigerator near the stove

According to the Feng Shui location, the side refrigerator should not be placed near the stove.

Feng Sui says that the refrigerator has the element of water, and the stove has the element of fire.

Fire and water elements don't work well together, as they can extinguish each other.

These opposing energies can affect digestive health and often lead to family conflict.

3. Make sure the refrigerator is always full

fridge full of food fridge full of food

Feng Sui also recommends that we often fill the refrigerator.

Even if your family is on a diet or away from home, you shouldn't leave the fridge empty.

This is because according to Feng Shui, an empty refrigerator is a bad sign.

The reason is, it will always complicate the economy for you and your family.

4. Do not put kitchen utensils in the refrigerator

Because they are too lazy to take them out, the refrigerator is often a place to store various electronic devices.

Some of the tools in question are coffee pots to juicers.

In feng shui, this is not very good because it can be bad for the health of the occupants of the house.

Electromagnetic waves from electronic devices can mix with the air in the refrigerator, making food unfit for consumption.

5. Keep your refrigerator clean and tidy

Refrigerator according to lucky feng shui location Refrigerator according to lucky feng shui location

Fengsui also recommends that you always keep your refrigerator neat and clean.

Make sure to clean your refrigerator regularly and don't let the appliance get dirty.

It is important to clean the refrigerator so that the bacteria in the refrigerator do not multiply and the food remains fresh.

Not only that, Feng Shui also believes that a clean refrigerator can increase wealth and bring wealth to the family.

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6. The refrigerator is not facing the door

The location of the refrigerator according to the last feng shui is to make sure it is not facing the door.

Reverse airflow can mess with your luck and make you lose quickly.

Not only that, the cold air you feel when you open the refrigerator can disturb the air in other rooms.

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