3D Floor Wallpaper Decoration Ideas to Make Your Home Interior More Unique

Friends at jigiyaso.com can't imagine how it feels to apply 3D images on the floor of a house? It's definitely fun and makes the room more colorful and lively. To have this unique floor, you can apply some 3D floor wallpapers!

It seems that almost everyone already knows about 3D drawing, huh.

The design of this image is undoubtedly unique in that it looks like the real thing, but is actually just artificial.

What effects are suitable for 3D floors?

Here are some beautiful ones and can have examples!

8 Examples of Unique Floor Wallpaper

1. Beach Theme

3d floor beach theme 3d floor beach theme

If you are bored with daily activities, of course you miss a relaxing vacation.

For example, take a trip to a beach with beautiful sea and sand.

However, even jigiyaso.com friends can "make" their own beach at home!

Enjoy the beach atmosphere without having to leave the house with this beach-themed 3D floor wallpaper

2. Underwater life

Ocean theme 3d floor Ocean theme 3d floor

At the same time, this floor design is perfect for jigiyaso.com friends who love the sea...

Especially if you want to experience underwater life but can't swim.

This floor design with underwater creatures is decorated with swimming fish...

The coral reefs are colorful and you don't have to get wet to enjoy them!

3. Pictures of swimming fish

floor drawing fish floor drawing fish

How do you feel when you open the bathroom and are greeted by swimming fish?

This 3D floor wallpaper has a very unique design and fits perfectly in the bathroom.

Just imagine the bathroom floor is designed with the theme of aquatic animal life.

At first glance you might be fooled because this photo looks so real!

4. Nature-themed 3D floors

3d floor nature theme 3d floor nature theme

In addition to the beach, the natural atmosphere also has a calming effect.

Especially when you open the door of the house and see a mini waterfall and the beautiful nature around it.

This room is designed in such a way and has a fresh nature theme.

If all of this came from inside the house, you wouldn't even imagine it!

5. The beast

3d floor crocodile drawing 3rd floor crocodile drawing

This floor wallpaper design is perfect for lovers of extreme things.

Instead of a nature-themed design, Sahabat jigiyaso.com chose to "create" wild animals in captivity, such as crocodiles.

This room has a large floor with a picture of a crocodile on it.

They seemed to have jumped out of the water, ready to prey on those around them!

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6. Underground Bridge

unique floor unique floor

This floor design is absolutely stunning.

Imagine when you enter a room...

You will see the floor surface with a slightly creepy underground bridge design.

Even though it's just a picture, this design is not suitable if you are afraid of heights.

7. The surface of the room is perforated

floor wallpaper floor wallpaper

If you've seen bathroom floor designs before, this one is specifically designed for a slightly larger room.

This floor design can scare anyone who enters the room.

What's more, there seemed to be someone waiting downstairs with a sword.

Looks scary doesn't it? !

8. Subway

3d floor 3d floor

This final 3D floor wallpaper image design looks absolutely stunning.

How, you can see the cracked floor and the subway going by in the hallway.

The photos look so real, this place is sure to be a guest's favorite for selfies!

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Interested in applying 3D flooring to your home?

By painting the floor of the house like this, you can make a total change to the house.

Congratulations on beautifying your home with 3D images according to your taste!

Good luck, jigiyaso.com friends...

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