10 Windowless Bedroom Design ideas. Cool, far from being claustrophobic

Looking for windowless bedroom design inspiration? Instead of being confused, let's look at some of the design inspiration below, come on! 
A comfortable bedroom is best equipped with adequate lighting and ventilation.
 This can be achieved by having windows, which will ensure that the room is always bright and away from the impression of dampness.
 Even so, not all bedrooms in a house have windows. If so, you don't have to worry about the lack of comfort while resting. 
The key is to arrange a bedroom design without windows so it doesn't feel cramped and cramped. Various reports, let's see the design inspiration below!

 10 Windowless Bedroom Design Inspirations 

1. Bright colored room

Source: deavita.net 
Choosing a bright color in a bedroom without windows is the right solution you can do.
Light walls can give the impression of a larger and brighter room.

 2. A well-lit bedroom

Source: homedecorbliss.com

One of the problems with a windowless room is the lack of light. To fix this, put some lights on the side and above the mattress. 
Besides being bright, the bedroom becomes more attractive. 

3. Room with ornamental plants

Source: kompas.com 

To add a more lively impression, ornamental plants can be one way to cool the room. 
To avoid the hassle of maintaining plants, choose species that will survive in the least amount of sun, such as mother-in-law's tongue and ivory betel nut. 
Not only that, hanging works of art such as paintings in the bedroom can be used as a substitute for windows. 

4. Pastel Color Bedroom

Source: designrumahpedia.com 
Limited space and no windows should not prevent you from having a great bedroom. 
Using pastel wall paint may be the most likely choice. 
This color will make the room cooler, especially when combined with a mattress floor and glass walls. 

5. Korean style room

Source: wattpad.com 
Korean drama fans feel the need to imitate the design of this Korean room. 
Bedrooms without windows look beautiful with curtains as interior reinforcement. 
Add some simple decorations to make the room more attractive. 

6. The combination of light and dark room

blue white main room blue white main room 
Source: helloshabby.com 
Tired of bright colors? If you feel so, try mixing light and dark colors in your bedroom. 
The combination of these colors can make the room look more beautiful. 

7. Rooms with multifunctional furniture

Source: room.technoluxpro.com 
One way to be smarter than a windowless and cramped bedroom is to use multifunctional furniture. 
For example, a cupboard that doubles as a mirror, a folding table, and more. For an airy feel, consider bright colors like orange. 

8. Room with wallpaper

Source: eathappyproject.com 

Use wallpaper for a lively but not tacky impression. In order not to be too crowded, choose simple accessories and furniture. 

9. Japanese style room

Japanese bedroom designs without windows Japanese bedroom designs without windows
Source: resources.realesate.co.jp 

For fans of Japanese culture, you can apply this windowless bedroom design. 
The distinctive feature of a Japanese bedroom stands out due to the presence of a short wooden bed and the choice of wood in the room. 

10. Minimalist bedroom

Source: gold3hotel.com 

Minimalist bedroom design is worth trying in a room without windows. 
Just put a mattress, table and chairs to give the impression of a simple and unadorned room. 
The minimalist design is suitable for a room without windows because it doesn't make the room look cramped. 
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