8 mistakes to avoid when choosing an apartment Don't be tempted by the facilities

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Choosing an apartment as a place to live seems easy and does not require special preparation. In fact, if you are not careful, bad things can happen in the future, you know.

Living in an apartment is one of the modern lifestyles that has become popular in recent years.

The reason is, there are so many benefits of living in an apartment that most Indonesians are interested in, especially in big cities.

Some of these advantages include practicality, safety, comfort and adequate facilities.

However, when choosing an apartment, you should consider several factors.

Don't just get sucked in by the amenities and then you'll forget something important.

So, what mistakes do you often make when choosing an apartment?

8 mistakes when choosing an apartment

1. Regardless of location

Choose an apartment Choose an apartment

The location factor is still often overlooked when choosing an apartment.

This usually happens and you are attracted by the luxury and complete facilities on offer.

In fact, a strategic location is very important to support mobility.

Of course, you don't want to live in a fancy apartment, but it's hard to get to the office or something.

2. Ignore the parking lot

In addition, a mistake that is often not realized when choosing an apartment is ignoring the parking lot.

For information, the Office of Housing Arrangement and Supervision has arranged in such a way for parking spaces in apartments.

Ideally, the ratio of apartment parking spaces is 1:1, which means there is one parking space per apartment unit.

3. Indifference to costs

apartment cost apartment cost

It could be that the apartment you choose is relatively cheap and fully furnished.

But what often happens is the neglect of handling fees or other costs that are no less important.

For example, security, parking, cleaning, furniture breakdown, etc.

Therefore, from the start you must know and seek information about these costs before choosing an apartment.

4. Underperforming apartments

Lack of information about condominium complexities, including the professional aspects of condo performance, is a common misconception.

This usually happens due to a lack of investigation and a rush to get a feel for the apartment design and all its advantages.

To avoid it all, you need to be more thorough and careful in choosing an apartment as a place to live.

Ask people around you about apartment performance information or search the internet.

5. Not paying attention to your surroundings

For some people who choose to live in an apartment, the comfort of the environment may be the last consideration.

The reason is, many people live in apartments because they feel more free and seem to want to be alone.

In fact, maybe the surrounding environment has a big influence on comfort and safety, and voila.

Don't let this factor make you feel at home in the apartment of your choice.

6. Apartment agreement and legality

Calculate occupancy cost Calculate occupancy cost

Although it looks complicated, there are also several agreements and legalities that must be considered for the apartment you will choose.

It is important to know the validity of important documents related to the selected apartment so that problems do not occur in the future.

Even if you do not agree with what is in it, do not let you regret signing the agreement.

Some of these documents or letters include the following:

  •     Building Use Rights (HGB)
  •     Building Use Permit (IMB)
  •     Building Ownership Certificate (SKBG)
  •     Principle permit
  •     Land Use Permit (SIPTT)
  •     Sale and Purchase Binding Agreement (PPJB)

7. Not paying attention to apartment rules

Each apartment has its own rules, which may differ from others.

However, we often ignore this rule to the detriment of others.

For example, keeping pets in the apartment, even though it has been stated that it is not allowed.

Therefore, before choosing an apartment, please pay attention to the applicable rules.

8. Well-appointed bait

Complete and luxurious facilities are certainly a major consideration when choosing an apartment.

But do not be tempted by the variety of these facilities, you will compensate for other benefits.

Especially in terms of costs, because apartments with luxurious facilities will certainly be more expensive.

In fact, you may not have access to all of these facilities.

Therefore, you should choose an apartment that offers the facilities you really need.

The following is a flashback of mistakes that often occur when choosing an apartment, friend at jigiyaso.com.

Good luck.

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