8 Inspirations for the Front of the House without a Fence of Any Size

A front garden without a fence will make the house feel cleaner, spacious and pleasing to the eye. Here, we've found some inspiration that you can apply. Come on, see the end!

Having a garden in front of the house can certainly beautify the house.

This does not only apply to large luxury homes, but also to minimalist home owners.

In addition, a house with a garden but not fenced will be easier to socialize with neighbors.

However, there are many factors to consider when building a garden in front of a house without a fence, from the selection of plants, shape or design to layout.

Well, if you're looking for a front garden idea without a fence, we've got some inspiration.

Come and see!

8 inspiration for the front garden of the house without a fence

1. Full of ornamental plants

garden full of ornamental plants garden full of ornamental plants
Source: instagram.com/evi_umqismina
The front garden of the house does not have a fence and is planted with various ornamental plants that will soothe anyone who sees it.

As mentioned earlier, arranging the garden is one of the key factors.

Place the potted plant in an easy-to-reach location so that it is easy to water whenever you want.

At the same time, if you are a person who is good at dressing up, you can also choose elephant grass.

2. Placement of natural stone

natural stone combination garden natural stone combination garden
Source: instagram.com/designtamanunik
Having a large front garden is not always synonymous with plants or grass.

For even more variety, you can combine it with various types of natural stone.

Occupancy will look more natural, especially if the garden is supported by a combination of the right layout.

3. Wine Combination

Source: instagram.com/cutdewi62
There are many ways to give your garden a different touch.

One of them allows vines to grow in the patio area.

Because the dwelling is not fenced, those who see it will be amazed by the lush impression it creates.

Not only that, you can also use these poles by attaching certain plants to make it look more beautiful.

4. Unique minimalist garden

Source: instagram.com/jasaarsitek7
For those of you who live in cluster housing, generally residential areas are equipped with a good security system.

Because of this, housing is rarely fenced.

Instead of having a carport that is not very useful, it is better to install a garden in front of the house so that the house is more colorful.

The ideas above can be used as inspiration.

Although small, the house becomes more pleasing to the eye.

5. Front Garden House Without Aesthetic Fence

Source: instagram.com/houseofrianis
The combination of artificial grass, natural stone, and concrete chairs for a front garden without a fence, like the picture above, is very interesting.

The presence of the canopy also makes residents or guests comfortable visiting even in hot weather.

Not only that, you can also greet your neighbors and strengthen your relationship.

6. Adjacent to the terrace

Source: instagram.com/teni_feriyanto
A small garden near the terrace is the best choice and is often used by residents of the house.

In terms of aesthetics, the garden provides an alternative feel, while the terrace can still use its function.

If you have a 2-story house, you can also take care of other ornamental plants on the balcony of the house like the example picture.

Interesting right?

7. Open Garden

Source: instagram.com/yuniaryanti
For some people, using the land in front of the house as a garden can be a luxury in itself.

In addition, the proposed park concept is open, which is beneficial to the health of residents.

The garden area can also be used to play with children, hehe.

8. Small garden for a minimalist house

Source: instagram.com/dapoerina.dpk
In addition to fish ponds, small gardens of minimalist homes provide a good effect for those who see them.

Check-in will also feel darker.

You can fill the empty land with elephant grass surrounded by potted plants.

In the patio area, it's best to keep chairs and a small table as a place to relax and enjoy your morning or evening.


Friends of jigiyaso.com, this is the inspiration for a garden without a fence in front of the house.

Good luck.