Industrial and Instagrammable Home Fence Design Ideas just got better

Industrial house fence designs are usually made of iron and black, but there are actually a variety of other materials and colors that you can choose from. Check out the best designs here!

Industrial style is one of the most popular design styles today because of its unique and modern appearance.

By using a fence, the house will also have a unique industrial appearance that will look attractive.

Not only iron, industrial house exteriors are also available in various fence materials and colors.

To help you design your dream industrial-style home, take a look at some of the fence designs below that can be your inspiration!

6 Industrial Home Fence Design Inspirations

1. Combination Fence List

Source: instagram.com/rumah_purnama
Breeze block or familiar roster is a building material that is often used for ventilation and beautifying homes.

This material can also be used as an industrial house exterior wall material.

The trick is to combine an iron fence with a roster wall.

Currently there are several types of roster to choose from, with mix and match options for house fences.

2. Cement wall composite fence

Source: instagram.com/ruma.rb
In addition to the roster, you can also choose walls with cement finishing to beautify the appearance of the facade of an industrial house.

Its simple exterior and slightly pale colors give the house a cool feel.

This wall can also be combined with a black wire mesh fence to display a unique and modern home.

3. Design of Iron Fence and Clay Roster

Source: instagram.com/dirumah.ps
Roster made of clay can also be combined with black iron fences.

Roster walls made of clay have long been used by the public, especially in outdoor areas such as fences.

You can also use it indoors as clay lists can create an exotic and artistic feel in the home.

Although it looks attractive, clay roster has a drawback, namely the brown color is easy to fade because it cannot be repainted.

4. White Industrial Fence Design

Source: arsitag.com

Industrial-style homes can often be identified by the use of dark colored materials.

But actually we can be creative with bright colors and one of them is fence material.

As shown in the picture, a white fence adorns the outer wall of the industrial factory and looks beautiful.

In addition to white, you can also use other light color choices, such as light gray.

5. High Industrial Residential Fence Design

Source: instagram.com/housofmidnightsun
Just like the previous design, the fence design in the picture below is a combination of a cement-faced wall and an iron fence.

But what makes it special is the height of the fence.

If the fence is not too high in the previous design, the next design has a fence that is high enough to better maintain the privacy of the occupants of the house.

6. Folding height fence design

Source: instagram.com/dirumah.sky
This next industrial house fence design is also quite high.

Uniquely, this fence is equipped with hinges so that it can be easily folded when needed.

In addition, this fence is not designed to be too dark or closed, and the facade of the house is still visible from the outside.

Those are some industrial house fence designs that can be an inspiration.

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