8 Roster Facade Design Ideas for Today's Homes

There are many modern exterior designs that you can try to apply in your home. For example, a unique and charming roster-look accent. Here's some inspiration!

Literally, the roster is a partition or insulation between spaces, and also functions as a circulation hole.

To apply it to the facade, you can build this element as a secondary skin.

That is, the roster is not directly attached to the outer wall, but becomes the outermost part of the entire facade of the house.

As a design reference, let's look at some of the inspiration for the facade roster in the following modern homes.

8 Roster Facade Design Ideas for Today's Homes

1. List of Clay on Affected Cement Wall

Source: instagram.com/koichiyoo

First, you can try combining exposed cement elements with clay lists.

At first glance, the combination of these two elements will make your facade look unfinished.

However, this will be the main attraction of the exterior of the house.

2. Concrete Roster Facade for Industrial House

Source: instagram.com/ra.home_

The next idea is to build a concrete roster facade to highlight the industrial design style.

Interestingly, residents built this ventilation wall at the end of the terrace area, replacing the pillars of the house.

Not only that, half of the enclosures are built around the same exposed concrete roster concept.

This makes the appearance of the building look harmonious and beautiful.

3. Home Exterior Inspiration for Secondary Skin

Source: instagram.com/dirumah.ps

The inspiration for the next roster display came from the @dirumah.ps account.

Occupants install an insulating wall as a second layer on the lower floor of the dwelling.

Its function is not only as a decorative element, but to protect the privacy of its occupants.

The reason is, foreigners will not be able to see the activities behind the roster wall.

4. Nako Type Roster Facade

Source: instagram.com/brilian.jaya

The exterior arrangement of the unit in this enclosure can also be an option, and voila.

The main color of the exterior walls of the house is gray, with a touch of wood on the door.

On the outer wall of the first floor, the developer installed a nako-type roster as a sweetener.

The presence of this ventilation not only adds aesthetic value, but can be the main wall protector.

5. Roster fence that blends with the wall

Source: instagram.com/bumitimi

In this residence, the main function of the roster wall is as a fence.

However, the structure is attached to the main wall and is directly adjacent to the door.

So you could say this fenced area is also part of the facade.

In fact, its presence is the most attractive element of the overall appearance of the house.

6. Accent Ventilation in Carport

Source: instagram.com/maravega.artanti

As a further idea, you can try to build a wall with ventilation in the carport area.

On the wall separating the side door from the parking lot, to be exact.

It doesn't need to be too big, even a small roster wall is enough if the main purpose is only as an exterior sweetener accent.

7. Minimalist Industrial Housing Facade

Source: instagram.com/ckkhome

The exterior of this one-story minimalist house looks stunning.

The occupants built a second skin in the form of a concrete roster wall to protect the terrace area of ​​the house.

The look of this roster is in keeping with the exposed cement-style monolithic facade.

This makes the industrial and masculine impression of the building even stronger.

8. Roster facade on the second floor

Source: instagram.com/elokishara

Finally, you can try to include roster wall elements on the second floor facade.

On the ground floor, focus on creating large openings to catch the sun.

The presence of this roster wall makes the exterior of the house look more charming and unique from the outside.

Furthermore, the building seems to blend with the main wall of the roof.


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