7 Swimming Pool Design Ideas Behind Minimalist Houses. Cold!

Interested in building a lap pool behind your minimalist home? jigiyaso.com.co has some design ideas for you to copy. Check out the article below, OK!
It doesn't have to be big, you can make a small swimming pool at home.
For the location of the pool, just use the open space behind the house.
For reference, the following is a cheat sheet of small swimming pool design ideas for you behind a minimalist home.

7 Swimming Pool Design Ideas Behind a Minimalist House

1. Swimming pool with gazebo

Source: instagram.com/tantiliapianawati
The most common pool shape is a rectangle with an iron ladder on one side.
You can make a small swimming pool and leave a large open area as a relaxation area.
Set the gazebo to one side and create an area with garden grass and paving.
These two areas can be a place for residents to relax and enjoy the coolness of the pool, friend jigiyaso.com.

2. Backyard semi-outdoor swimming pool

Source: instagram.com/casa_kalandra
You can also try this @casa_kalandra account idea to build a semi-outdoor pool behind the house.
The location of the swimming pool is right behind the dining room and kitchen, friend jigiyaso.com.
He lengthened the shape of the pond to cover its small width.
With an open ceiling at the top, it also serves as a simple roof.

3. Minimalist swimming pool in the backyard

Source: instagram.com/rumah.mumi
For a simpler design, you can imitate the @rumah.mumi pool.

The pool is not very long but looks comfortable and you can swim in it.
The location is right behind the house, bordered by a concrete fence.
To make it look and feel fresh, place some greenery around the edge of the pond.
It's just that the top of the pool does not have a roof, so if it rains the water can mix.

4. Jacuzzi-style swimming pool on limited grounds

Source: instagram.com/blekdarmawan
Need a pool for soaking and a relaxing swim?
Then a Jacuzzi-style swimming pool @blekdarmawan might be the solution.
The shape is very small, only about 1-2 square meters, friend from jigiyaso.com.
The building material only uses ordinary cement without paint.
Around the pool, you can see neatly arranged outdoor ornamental plant pots.

5. The swimming pool extends to the back of the house

Source: instagram.com/blekdarmawan
If the remaining land behind the house is only 0.5-1m, please use @ardina_abroni's design.
The pool tends to extend to the side and is very limited in width.
Even the smallest side can only hold the iron ladder, friend jigiyaso.com.
Although small, the pool is more than adequate for a small children's swimming area.
You only need accessories such as a plastic ball for the float.

6. Minimalist swimming pool with fountain

Source: instagram.com/rumahjulie
The size of the small swimming pool actually looks attractive, voila.
You can build it on the fence in your backyard.
Then install a small fountain on the fence wall that flows directly into the pool.
On the other hand, plant ornamental foliage plants to complement the appearance of your pond.
Don't forget to make sure the fence you build is high enough to keep your privacy safe.

7. Plunge pool with wooden stairs

Source: instagram.com/galeripropertijogja
Lastly, you can build a swimming pool attached to a wooden deck.
This will make the outdoor area look cooler and more comfortable to spend time.
Build a pond in an elongated shape to maximize land use.
On the one hand, build a small, sleek garden with trees and groves of plants.

Hopefully this information is useful, friend jigiyaso.com.