Open bathroom design ideas at home feel like a luxury hotel

bethroom - Recently, there has been a popular new room concept trend. Namely, the concept of an open bathroom. The design concept is cool and the competition is like being in a resort hotel. Come on, find some design ideas here!
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It is undeniable that the bathroom is part of the house, usually only a small part of the space, but its role is very important.
The average person goes to the toilet 6-8 times a day, are you a friend of jigiyaso.com too?
Especially if it comes with an open bathroom concept, it will make the band really relax.
How many hours can you spend in the bathroom?
The concept of an open bathroom is combined with other rooms such as a bedroom and even blends with nature.
A bathroom that blends with nature is not a foreign concept, especially in Asian countries.
In Indonesia, especially Bali, there are many hotels that have such an open bathroom concept.

Entering the bathroom like this will definitely feel different.
At night, you turn into a hobby, long soaks in the open bathroom while gazing at the stars and moonlight in the sky.
Here are some inspiration for open bathroom designs.

9 inspirational open bathroom designs that blend with nature

1. All-wood bathroom

If friends at jigiyaso.com like this bathroom concept, there are a few things to consider before making it.
The most important thing is to choose wood that is less susceptible to termites.
A tub that is placed on wood also means that it must be of a sturdy type, such as teak.
This natural concept bathroom is perfect if your house is far from the city.
Feel the cool air and beautiful scenery every time you enter the bathroom.

2. Move the bathtub to the window

You don't have to be outside to realize the concept of an open bathroom.
If your house is limited in size, use a technique like the bathroom picture above.
This open concept bathroom still has an undeniable structure.
You can place the bathtub near the bathroom window so you can feel a relaxed atmosphere even when you are indoors.
Also use a bathtub made of natural stone, and a color that will make the bathroom feel spacious, such as white, yellow-white or light brown.

3. Natural Concept Bathroom

With an open space concept like this, you have to keep things tidy.
In this open bathroom concept, you can use a cupboard as a place to store your toiletries.
For example, towels, toothbrushes, soap, etc.
To make it look more integrated with the environment, place a cabinet made of wood or bamboo.
Such a wardrobe will make the room look warm and beautiful.
Also install a mirror with a frame made of the appropriate material.

4. Open Roof Bathroom Design

The roof of the open bathroom design then also has no cover.
If you want to present an open roof bathroom design like this, think about how to keep it safe.
Don't let too many people see your shower time.
Also, you need to clean this bathroom more often because any animal can get in here.
If you still want to see the sky in the bathroom, a solution that you can apply from this open roof bathroom is to use glass as the roof.

5. Open bathroom without bathtub

Having a bathroom with natural nuances is everyone's dream.
The open bathroom can still be reached without a bathtub.
You can use a shower or shower to make your bathroom look spacious.
As shown above.

6. Romantic bathroom design

Well, but if you want the perfect bathroom, try bringing a bath and shower.
Both have different functions.
Also add white light near the plants to make the daytime atmosphere even more romantic.

7. Bathroom with bed

Next, you can bring a natural concept bathroom next to your bed.
Cover with glass to prevent water from entering the room.
This location saves time if you want to rush to the bathroom.

8. Bamboo Bathroom

In addition, apart from wood, an open bathroom can also be presented through bamboo.
Warm colors of bamboo and natural materials can make your bathroom more natural.
There is a fairly large bathroom, plus the feel that radiates naturally.
Of course, it makes you feel something you can't forget.
Of course, to make a bathroom with a natural feel, you have to prepare some properties and equipment with a nature theme.
Properties such as flower pots, trees, pebbles, and walls are made of natural stone.

9. Natural Stone Bathroom Design

In this case, you can make a bathroom with plants and natural stone as walls and other accessories.
You can also install a showerhead that sits directly on the rocks in the pot or tub.
Hopefully the inspiration above can help you realize your dream open bathroom!
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