7 Most Aesthetically Luxurious 1st Floor Mediterranean House Design Ideas

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7 Most Aesthetically Luxurious 1st Floor Mediterranean House Design Ideas
Hello jigiyaso.com friends, this time the jigiyaso.com theme will discuss home design ideas again.
first floor mediterranean house design ideas first floor mediterranean luxury house design ideas
Classic and luxurious is the description of a Mediterranean style home. Let's take a look at some of the inspiration for the design of a luxurious 1-story Mediterranean house below!
Want a minimalist home to look luxurious and elegant?
One answer is to change the look of the house into a Mediterranean style.
If you want to dress up your home in a Mediterranean style, you can't miss some of its iconic elements like.
  • bright wall colors.
  • plaster wall.
  • round or square window shape.
  • supports columns with vertical patterns.
  • Natural stone and marble are used in several places.
If you look at some pictures online, usually Mediterranean designs are suitable for large houses.
However, this does not mean that this design style cannot be applied to a one-story minimalist house.
Interested in applying this design style to your home?
Just take a look at some of the luxurious 1st floor Mediterranean house design ideas below!

7 Most Aesthetically Luxurious 1st Floor Mediterranean House Design Ideas

1. Little Mediterranean House

Source: Instagram @galaxy_properti_jogja

First, there is a small Mediterranean-style house.
Although small, the feel of the Mediterranean is very pronounced, because two pillars support the roof of the terrace of the house.
Then, natural stone elements on the facade of the house make the house look expensive.
Such a design is definitely easier for people who have a small house to apply, right?

2. A small Mediterranean-style palace

Source: Instagram @rumahjogjaistimewa
1 floor mediterranean house design luxury like a small palace design luxury 1 floor 
Although the house is not big, but it looks like a palace.
The elements of two large pillars at the front of the house and the shape of the gabled roof make it look like a Roman palace.
The old-school tempok fence design further emphasizes the classic impression of the house.

3. Small house with Mediterranean gate

Source: Instagram @pr0real

Domed roof supports give a classic impression to a home with a Mediterranean design.
The elements look like the gates of a medieval European mansion.
Then added a pyramid-shaped roof so that the residence looks luxurious and elegant typical of the Mediterranean design.

4. Luxurious and comfortable Mediterranean villa

Source: yosthomes.com

Besides looking expensive, you can also make it more homey with a luxurious 1-story Mediterranean house design.
Like the image above, you can choose a beige or brown color for a warmer color to make it look natural.
Then, combine these colors with natural stone elements on the front of the house.

5. Blend with circular elements

Source: finefurnished.com

As mentioned earlier, Mediterranean design is synonymous with symmetrical square and round elements.
Well, like the first floor Mediterranean house plan above, you can combine the two elements.
One way is to create some circular or attic spaces.

6. Mediterranean house design with a large yard

Source: weberdesigngroup.com

If the home page is large enough, you can design a house like the one above.
The facade of the house which is covered with natural stone will definitely look more beautiful if the parking area is covered with brown paving tiles.
Then, various ornamental plants can be planted in the area next to the house so that the house feels fresher.

7. Tropical Mediterranean Villa

Source: bhg.com/Michael Garland

For those who live in the lowlands and near the coast, you can imitate this design philosophy.
The soothing brown color combines with the beauty of the garden planted with coconut trees and several other tropical ornamental plants.
Then, curved elements will make the house look as elegant as any other Mediterranean-style house.

These are seven of the most aesthetically pleasing 1-story Mediterranean home design ideas.
Hopefully this article can inspire jigiyaso.com friends, okay! Thank you for reading to the end. Success always for you.
jigiyaso.com has wished you the convenience of building your dream home this year.