7 Modern Wooden House Designs Ideas

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Hello friends, the jigiyaso.com website always discusses home design. This time I will bring the topic of modern wooden house designs ideas. Wood is a building material that is synonymous with comfort and tranquility adding to the value of luxury. Combining the beauty of a beautiful panorama with technological advances in the world of building, a modern wooden house can be the most valuable asset of any home that owns it.

Modern chalet properties are very popular all over the world. Here are seven modern wooden house designs ideas that provide inspiration for comfort, refinement and the dream home.

21 Simple Modern Wooden House Ideas to Try

1. Elegant Modern Visuals

Source: pianetadesign.it

The architecture and construction of this modern wooden house transforms a family heritage home into an elegant contemporary style. The addition of black iron panels further enhances the visual effect of a sturdy and elegant house, while leaving maximum space for front and rear movement.

The use of glass material on the ground floor also provides flexibility for a modern wooden house. Besides being artistic, the house also has natural lighting so it feels closer to nature.

2. Combination Of Materials For A Modern Impression

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A modern wooden house that looks as if it popped out of the pages of a children's fairy tale, this residence features black steel panels on the sides and roof. The combination of black steel and brown wood gives it an irresistible modern feel.

Pastel wood frames mark the entry and exit areas of this modern log house. Take advantage of the terrace model of the house with a wooden deck to comfortably enjoy the panorama of the pine forest.

3. All Scandinavians Inclusive

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Following Scandinavian design principles, at first glance, this modern wooden house looks like any other contemporary home. However, if you look closely, the wood element is still very dominant in the design of this house.

This modern wooden house structure features soaring ceilings, sliding glass doors and a room arrangement that utilizes the concept of open space. The warmth of the house can even be felt from the outside.

4. Big Windows For Maximum Beauty

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This modern wooden cabin is large enough to accommodate a small family and is the place to host the friendliest of guests. The beauty of the exterior and interior is the focus of the house, with traditional wood details in every corner of the building, even the furniture in the courtyard.
This modern wooden house blends freely with the surrounding greenery and also utilizes large windows for natural lighting, giving a natural feel to the dwelling.

5. Private Dome In Modern Wooden House

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Imagine a modern log house, but round in shape, creating a personal dome. This magnificent building is located in the middle of a vast green garden. The concept of this modern wooden house is a place to live and work, an environmentally friendly house with minimal impact on the environment.

This modern wooden house is supported by a dome shape without pillars as a support and looks comfortable for its residents who get privacy from the outside world.

6. Beautiful Curves Of A Modern Wooden House

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This modern wooden house uses a furniture design concept that utilizes the flexibility of wood to form an aesthetic curved frame. The exterior of the house is designed with a continuous wooden structure, creating a unique contemporary feel.

7. Futuristic Concept Close To Nature

Source: beautifullife.info

Perhaps the most unique and different compared to other modern wooden houses, this building is inspired by the natural asymmetry of the mountains while incorporating a futuristic design. Ukrainian designers worked on the architecture of this house, the space is not very large, but still contributes to the modern activity functionally.

The warmth and comfort of this modern log cabin is accentuated by the open environment, interacting with nature and full of relaxation.

After looking at these seven modern wooden house designs, it is clear that the warmth of the house is the focus of the family's dream home. With wood as the main building material, there is nothing wrong with presenting a natural feel at home.
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Thank you for reading the article 7 Wooden House Design Ideas, hopefully it can be your inspiration. I pray you have your dream home this year. Success always for you.