Modern minimalist home design ideas

Hello friends, today jigiyaso.com presents a minimalist 2-storey house design idea for you. Some of these 2-storey minimalist house designs can provide inspiration for those of you who plan to build a house in the style you want.

What kind of residential design or house image, cool and modern, is of course difficult to answer because it depends on taste.

There are likes classic designs, modern minimalist, modern, minimalist, traditional, industrialist, etc.

When each of these designs is carefully crafted, even a traditional house will look attractive.

In order not to be confused by the many choices, here are some choices of minimalist 2-storey house designs. Many of the designs presented are then modern, minimal, contemporary and classic.

Real estate website Jigiyaso.com will explain about the design of a minimalist 2-storey house and let's see what it looks like.

Modern minimalist home design ideas

1. Simple 2-storey house design

This picture is a simple 2-story house design which certainly doesn't cost a lot to build like other designs. Although simple, there is a little beautification of the house, especially on the fence and balcony.

2. 2 storey bungalow with modern balcony

This 2-storey minimalist house design displays a house that is not too wide but is nicely designed. The balcony is designed in a contemporary style with glass as your inspiration.

3. Beautify your home with wood, glass and metal elements

The design of this 2-storey minimalist house does look minimalist, so that more elements of wood and iron are present. This can be seen in the fence and some walls on the second floor, as well as large glass.

4. Classic design that is always attractive

This 2-storey mansion is designed with a more modern classic and looks cooler. If you really like classic design, you can design a more modern classic.

5. Minimalist design is gaining popularity

Minimalist home designs are gaining popularity, especially among millennials, because of their simplicity. Check out this 2-story house design with other elements that beautify the house, namely plants that are placed in many places.

6. Simple 2-storey house design

The design of this 2-storey minimalist house is very simple, only in the form of a box, usually many minimalist houses are box-shaped. The design leads to a modern design that can be an option for those of you who want a different home.

7. Beautiful house view

This minimalist home design is indeed very simple and in accordance with the minimalist concept, but to make it more attractive, there is an interesting touch on the exterior.

There is a kind of insulation on the walls and fences to provide air circulation in the house, privacy because people can't see it from the outside.

8. Modern House

This 2-storey minimalist home design displays a contemporary feel that makes the house look modern. The choice of white paint is indeed compatible with other color combinations, and this design can provide inspiration for you.

9. Simple House Shapes

The picture of this house is a minimalist box-shaped house that is an option if the house has limited land. A combination of white and brown paint is available, or you can choose other colors according to your needs.

10. Minimalism is always attractive

This minimalist 2-story house design is indeed a simple box, but precisely because it is still attractive. Usually this minimalist box house shape is not common in Indonesia, but if you have a different house, why not?

10. Minimalist house with a large yard

This minimalist 2-storey house design also has a simple shape, namely a box that combines concrete and glass materials. This exposed concrete and glass is the right combination, even though it looks like a building.

11. Minimalist House with Unique Fence

When choosing a minimalist 2-story house design, choose a unique fence like this, such as a bulkhead. The fence is indeed quite large and high, but there are many small holes for air circulation.

12. Minimalist house design for narrow land

If you have a narrow area, you can choose to choose a 2-story house design that is certainly suitable. The simple form by utilizing concrete and glass materials can overcome land constraints.

13. Minimalist house design for narrow land

If you have a narrow area, you can choose to choose a 2-story house design that is certainly suitable. The simple form by utilizing concrete and glass materials can overcome land constraints.

14. Modern Minimalist Home Design

The roof of this house is shaped like a house plan or house plan made by children. But it looks cooler, a modern minimalist house design like this with a different roof design.

Wow, there are many more minimalist 2-storey house designs that can be used as home inspiration, you just have to choose one of them.

That's all I can say, and hope it inspires you all. jigiyaso.com continues to pray for you that this year you will have your dream home.