15 Mini Swimming Pool Ideas. Suitable for all types of home designs!

The swimming pool at home is a home facility that improves the quality of life. However, many people still believe that a large swimming pool can only be made at home. In fact, there are many mini pool designs that can be "adopted" in homes with limited land.
From backyard swimming pool designs to house designs, the various types of designs offered are able to accommodate every type of home design.
mini swimming pool mini swimming pool
Besides being available for relaxation, the existence of a swimming pool can also add to the aesthetic value of the house.
If you are interested in designing a swimming pool at home, let's look at some design inspiration that can be used as a reference!

Mini Swimming Pool Design Inspiration

1. The 1950s theme still applies today

Many people abandon old designs because they are considered outdated or outdated.
In fact, some ancient designs are still relevant today.
An example is the swimming pool built by Roland G. Roessner in the 1950s.
A classic touch that still leaves a modern impression at its time makes this swimming pool design timeless.

2. Complete the Japanese Zen garden landscape

Designed by Hugn Newell Jacobsen as part of a Life Magazine campaign, adapted by Anthony Wilder to meet client requirements.
Swimming pool design is actually quite ordinary.
Rectangular with some chairs to relax.
However, the real attraction is the Japanese Zen Garden, which manages to complete this backyard look.

3. Timeless modern classic style

If you are still interested in modern and classic styles like the previous designs, it seems you are also interested in this one.
Designed by Greg Hall Architects and assisted by Dane Spencer Landscape Architecture, the pool features a contemporary Sarasota style.
Sarasota itself is a place in Florida, a haven for mid-century modern architecture.

4. Beach Villa Style Mini Pool

Beach vibrations are one of the vibrations that are often applied when building a swimming pool.
Create your own beach by applying the Atlantic Beach design created by Cascade Outdoor Design.
Some important elements that must be considered when presenting this design at home are combining elements of blue, wood, and green.

5. Modern design with unusual shape

If the shape of the swimming pool is mostly square or rectangular, this design is different.
This oval pool was designed by Prestige Plunge Pools and Allcast Precast of Brisbane for a contemporary feel.
One of the attractions that makes this design look really cool is the location, instead of being "planted" like most ponds, it's towering upwards.

6. Natural feel in a modern home

Bringing a natural atmosphere in the house with the most contemporary nuances is one way to achieve balance.
In addition, natural nuances can also provide the calming atmosphere needed in areas created for relaxation purposes.
James Dawson Design managed to showcase this element by featuring a natural stone swimming pool.
The emerald green color of the stunning pool water further enhances this pool.

7. Beautifully designed stylish swimming pool

This mini swimming pool was then designed by The Front Door Architecture.
The strength of this pool design is its stunning details.
What makes the back porch of this house look attractive is the concrete floor that is printed with random character patterns.
In addition, the presence of unforgettable green elements successfully completes the look of the swimming pool.

8. Indoor mini swimming pool

Besides being able to be done outside the backyard, you can also make a swimming pool inside the house.
The great thing about a pool like this is that you don't need to be hot or raining when you want to use it.
In addition, the blue color of the water contrasts with the brown color around it, making this area look beautiful.

9. Unique geometric design

Tired of the same old designs?
Let's try to design a geometric mini swimming pool.
Designed by Space Landscape Designs, the shape of this pool is intentionally shaped like a missing puzzle piece.
While the outside may seem odd, the shape leaves plenty of room for other purposes, such as making a patio.

10. Inclusive Design

The designers of this pool seem to have thought of everything when making it.
With limited space, this design manages to present various elements that the rear area needs to make it look perfect.
Besides being used for relaxing and swimming, this area can also be used as a favorite place to have dinner in the area that has been provided.

11. Distinctive waterfall elements

Having a small swimming pool is fine if you add a little waterfall to this design.
The existence of this waterfall is one of the unique characteristics of the area.
In addition, the sound of the waterfall will provide a calming effect and you can relax in the chair.

12. Do you want to exercise? Does not matter!

One of the drawbacks of the mini pool is that it cannot be used for exercise due to its limited size.
However, this does not seem to apply to this design.
Designed to be elongated but not too wide, you can swim freely in this pool.

13. Tropical Pool

This design comes with vertical lines that make it look bigger than it should be.
In addition, the presence of trees is one of the characteristics of the area.
Interested in trying this tropical swimming pool design, friend at jigiyaso.com?

14. Curved shape for a different touch

It turns out that one small but significant touch can change the look of a pool by 180 degrees.
One way you can try is to use a swimming pool with curved corners.
Do you feel the strong 60s vibe in this design?

15. “dry” swimming pool

The design looks very unusual with small stones and pebbles adorning the edges.
With gray concrete on the side of the pool, the backyard really looks natural and unique.


Those are some mini swimming pool designs that you can try at home.
Hopefully this article can inspire friends jigiyaso.com.