How to Make a Chalkboard Wall at Home | Packed with 5 Design Ideas

Friends of jigiyaso.com, it seems like it would be fun if you and your children could be creative at home every day. Besides being able to hone your baby's creativity, you can also build intimacy. You can do this in a number of ways, one of which is by having a chalkboard or chalkboard wall. How to do it? See the information below.

How to Make a Chalkboard Wall at Home

You can put a chalkboard wall in any room, especially a bedroom or children's playroom.
Before making, first prepare some materials and tools as follows:
  • grout powder
  • Latex paint in desired color (black or other dark color)
  • bucket for mixing ingredients
  • brush or roller.

Steps and how to make a chalkboard on the wall:

  1. Previously, latex paint with the color of your choice was first mixed with water based on the ingredients contained in the paint package.
  2. After that, mix the grout powder into the liquid paint in a bucket with a ratio of 1 grout: 8 paint.
  3. Stir the grout and paint mixture thoroughly to avoid a layered or gritty layer on the walls later.
  4. If the amount of mixture is large enough, use a paint shaker to make the job easier.
  5. The next step is to prepare the walls.
  6. Clean the wall surface from dust, dirt, liquid, stain or oil. If necessary, use detergent or soap to clean the walls well.
  7. After cleaning and drying, use a roller or large brush to apply the paint and grout mixture to the walls.
  8. For best results, polish the walls twice.
  9. For the edges, use a small brush to completely paint the wall.
  10. After the painting process is complete, wait for the wall to dry.
  11. The drying process for the second layer of walls takes a minimum of 3 hours, and the drying process for ready-to-use or decoration is a minimum of 3 days.
  12. After three days, the chalkboard wall is ready to use.
  13. You can also decorate the walls with borders such as picture frames and add a chalk organizer and eraser to the edges of the walls.

5 Chalkboard Wall Design Ideas

1. Develop creativity in the kitchen

In addition to being able to bonding media or honing children's motor skills, walls can also be used for:
  • reminder board
  • where is the recipe recorded
  • Creative place.

2. Put it anywhere

This is a really fun idea to place in your kitchen, living room, den or bedroom.

3. Half Wall Chalkboard

You don't need a complete wall, you can make it on several walls according to your needs or desires.

4. Blackboard wall as room decoration

Apart from being a medium for learning to draw children, you can also use this wall style as an element of home decoration.
For example as a mural in the bedroom or as a headboard.

5. Don't forget to clean regularly

This chalkboard style wall needs some maintenance. The jigiyaso.com friends cleaned it up.

Do this regularly to keep your walls clean and the dust particles from the chalk won't interfere with your breathing.

Use a chamois or a damp microfiber cloth.

The trick, soak or rinse the cloth until it is wet, then wring it out until the moisture in the cloth is reduced a lot. Then, wipe the entire surface of the wall until it is clean.

Hopefully these DIY design ideas and tips for making and cleaning chalkboard walls at home are useful for jigiyaso.com friends.

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