7 Best Types of Gold Investment and All the Benefits | Beginners should know!

Gold Investment - Dig deeper into gold investment knowledge for a brighter future. There are many types, choose the one that suits you best in the comments below.
The prestige of gold investment has not diminished.
The reason is, preserving precious metals is touted as one of the safest investments to protect and increase wealth.
Gold has a high selling value and its price continues to soar from time to time.
Until yesterday, August 13, 2020, international precious metal prices jumped sharply, breaking the record for the most expensive price in August.
As a result, the price of gold in Indonesia also automatically rises, thereby benefiting many gold investors.
Well, if you want to try investing in precious metals, it is very important to equip yourself with complete information.
Let's start with types!

Explanation and Types of Gold Investment

1. Gold certificate

Gold certificates are one of the precious metal investment facilities that are in great demand by many people.
Unlike other types, gold certificates do not focus on the physical metal, but on the certificate.
This letter proves that the gold belongs to the bank and can be sold at a rather expensive price.

2. Gold Bars

The next gold investment is gold bullion.
Gold bullion is the right type of investment for anyone who plans to make long-term investments.
Products are durable and easy to trade.
You can find institutions that offer gold investment anywhere at Pegadaian or other state-owned institutions.

3. Gold Jewelry

Simple and practical, this type of gold investment is more popular with the lower middle class without technology.
It's simple, you just need to buy gold jewelry and keep it until the gold price reaches its peak.
This method has proven to be profitable and is used by all walks of life, including office workers and farmers.
Jewelry investment can not be done in the short term.
The reason is that when you buy gold at a jewelry store, you pay the cost of making it.
If you sell in the short term, you will not make a profit because the buyers will only buy the price of gold.
By keeping gold jewelry for a long time, the price goes up and covers the cost of paying for the gold.

4. Gold mining stocks

Foreign currency gold investment Foreign currency gold investment
This precious metal investment follows the stock market price.
If the gold market is in good shape, the value of the company's shares will move faster.
The price of gold automatically soared.
While tempting, you should be careful when choosing a gold stock company.
Make sure the company is registered and has legality from the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

5. Gold Coins

People who want to go for Hajj generally accept gold coin investments.
It works faster and can get foreign currency gold prices without going through the exchange process.
In general, this type is very safe against inflation and can follow foreign currency prices without any price discounts.

6. Direct Marketing and Gold Level Marketing

Precious metal investments can be made through direct sales, direct sales (DS) and multi-level marketing (MLM).
Unfortunately, most companies in Indonesia that focus on this type of investment use the money multiplier model.
Be more careful in choosing a company to ensure the system does not have a bad impact in the future.

7. Gold Mutual Fund

Gold bullion Gold bullion
Gold mutual fund investment is an alternative tool that generates profits without physical evidence.
This is because mutual funds do not invest directly in traded gold, but through stocks.
The agreement was carried out by a gold mining company, so it would not be too much trouble for investors.
Hopefully the comments help determine the best type of investment, friend jigiyaso.com!