5 Best Crypto Coin Recommendations for 2022 | Safe investment


Friends of jigiyaso.com interested in investing in the cryptocurrency market? If so, make sure you choose the safest and best cryptocurrency. Check out our top tips for 2022 below!
Technological developments have made it easier for us to invest, and all the time.
Apart from investing in gold and stocks, we can also invest in cryptocurrencies.
In recent years, investing in digital currency or cryptocurrencies is becoming more and more popular and popular.

Cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency itself is digital currency that is encrypted using complex logarithms to organize and monitor fundraising and other online transactions.
How, are you interested in investing in cryptocurrencies?
To help you out, check out our recommendations for the best cryptocurrencies below!

5 Best Cryptocurrencies of 2022


Bitcoin or BTC is arguably the most popular cryptocurrency in the world today.
The cryptocurrency was created in 2009 by a man under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.
Bitcoins can be traded in cyberspace without intermediaries.
The system used in Bitcoin is a P2P system or a peer-to-peer system.
The system works without a single store or administrator.
Therefore, Bitcoin is also known as a decentralized currency.
Currently, Bitcoin has an estimated market capitalization of 1.06 tons, the highest among other cryptocurrencies.


The next cryptocurrency that is also worth investing in is EOS.
EOS is a software platform with a blockchain creation infrastructure.
The EOS is designed to allow both vertical and horizontal scaling.
Like cryptocurrencies, EOS is a highly scalable decentralized platform that can process millions of transactions per second.
One of the advantages of EOS is the reduction of transaction fees to very small or close to zero.
EOS's market cap has also not disappointed, currently estimated at US$4.07 billion.


Ethereum or ETH are also recommended cryptocurrencies for your purchase.
Like Bitcoin, ETH can also be used for peer-to-peer transactions, which can be traded at a fairly speculative value in the cryptocurrency market.
ETH is also a decentralized currency, i.e. it is not controlled by any government or company.
These currencies are not limited to digital currencies traded on the cryptocurrency market.
The reason is, ETH can also be used to run applications to monetize work.
ETH's current market cap is estimated at US$480.42 billion.


USD Tether aka USDT is a cryptocurrency that is also very suitable as an investment asset.
However, unlike Bitcoin, the value of each USDT asset is based on the rise and fall of the US dollar exchange rate.
Therefore, it is not surprising that USDT is referred to as a stablecoin or stable cryptocurrency, since the reference is the US dollar.
The stable value of this asset is one of the main attractions for investors in the cryptocurrency market.
Especially compared to the value of other volatile cryptocurrencies.
With this stable asset value, investors' funds can be guaranteed.
USDT's market cap is currently estimated at US$73.03 billion.


XRP is a cryptocurrency launched by Ripple in 2012.
This cryptocurrency is used as a transaction tool on the Ripple Network, which allows paying very few transaction fees in a shorter process.
The circulation of this cryptocurrency is 100 billion, which is a fixed number.
The main attraction of XRP is that it is usually minimal and the transaction process is short.
With XRP, transactions can be completed in seconds.
This advantage also increases its market value.
The current estimated market capitalization is US$49.29 billion.
These are the five best cryptocurrencies to invest safely in 2022.
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