8 yellow room ideas

Want to have your own yellow room at home? To keep the results cool, check out some of the design inspiration below and let's go!
Yellow has a bright and cheerful quality or impression.
When you see it, your brain is stimulated to feel happier and more optimistic.
Not only that, this color is also said to be good for adding creativity.
Interested in using it in the bedroom?
First, let's take a look at some yellow room ideas below, shall we?

8 super cool yellow room ideas

1. Bright yellow wall with black elements

Source: instagram.com/binhumom1122
If you don't mind flashy colors, you can opt for a bright yellow.
Then decorate it with black elements on the wall sticker to make it look more attractive.
As a balance, choose white furniture for the room.
Colors match the wardrobe, chair, study table and mattress frame.

2. Light yellow room

Source: instagram.com/indunaryadiniscala
For your next idea, you can choose light yellow wall paint.
This color has more of the white component mixed in, so it doesn't look too bright.
Meanwhile, you can apply a striking yellow gradient to the curtains, floor rugs, or room decor knick-knacks.
This arrangement makes the room feel calm, but not boring.

3. Mix of white and yellow

Source: instagram.com/ce_ivone
You can also combine bright yellow and white.
Like the yellow room design inspiration above.
White paint is the main color of the walls, while yellow is a decorative element.
This yellow color is applied by making a small triangle on the wall.

4. Yellow Room Design

Source: instagram.com/koneng_ku
In this bedroom, the yellow color is not visible on the walls, but on the ceiling.
Then, on bed linen, pillowcases, rugs, and other knick-knacks.
The yellow color can even be seen in the collection of bags displayed by residents in glass boxes.
While the color of the walls is still dominated by white so that the atmosphere of the room is not too bright.

5. Yellow minimalist room

Source: instagram.com/housethetic_id
Want to use yellow as the main color, but worried about it will dazzle?
If so, mix your paint color choices between buffs and pale yellows.
For the walls, choose a yellow gradation that doesn't look too strong.
Even though it is bright yellow, you can apply it to furniture such as a study table or bookshelf.

6. Combination of yellow, blue and pink paint

Source: instagram.com/aderoslianty
Another idea, you can try to combine three colors at once on the wall.
There are yellow and pink colors for you to imitate the shape of the mountain.
Then, there is a blue color as a representation of the sky above the mountain.
This paint application is perfect for a boy's or girl's bedroom.

7. Yellow-green combination

Source: instagram.com/clematc
Have you ever thought about combining yellow and green paint in your bedroom?
These two colors can be a beautiful combination as long as you are good at choosing variants.
Like the bedroom above, the combination of mustard yellow and emerald green.
The end result is a room that looks bright and classy.

8. Bright Yellow Bedroom Design

Source: instagram.com/clematc
Finally, you can combine two variants of yellow for the walls.
Use a slightly lighter gradient at the bottom and a slightly darker gradient at the top.
A room with this color is suitable to be combined with wooden furniture.
The goal is that the room not only feels bright, but also warm and comfortable for you to rest.

Hopefully this yellow room design can inspire you, right?
Good luck to everyone and look forward to buying a house this year.