8 tiny house design mistakes that make a room feel like a warehouse

Tiny House Designs - Minimalist home design trends that are currently developing often make people misguided in designing their homes.

Here are some tiny house design mistakes that you should avoid.

Rising land and building prices make it difficult for people to buy big houses.

Therefore, many people are now using a small house as their residence.

To avoid a narrow impression in a small house, most people use minimalist design ideas.

However, many people are also fooled by the minimalist design of a small house.

Instead of looking neat and airy, it looks unsightly and messy.

Before buying a variety of household equipment, let's look at the following small apartment design misconceptions!

Small house design mistakes

1. Too many items

Too many things in the tiny house

The selection of furniture for a small house can not be arbitrary.

If there are too many items, the house will look messy and cramped.

One way to get smarter than that is to buy some small pieces of furniture or a large item.

Then, arrange the furniture neatly.

A large sofa is enough as a place to relax with the family in a small house.

2. Room proportions are different

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So that all the rooms do not look cramped, you need to distribute the room evenly.

If the living room, kitchen, and two bedrooms are the same size, you won't feel cramped even if the house is small.

3. Lots of small furniture

The next small house design mistake is thinking that small furniture can make the room feel spacious.

Small furniture can indeed make a room feel spacious, as long as it is placed correctly and the size is proportional.

Too much small-sized furniture can make the interior of the house feel like a warehouse.

For example, placing a large sofa will make the room feel spacious compared to placing five small chairs.

So, buy furniture with proportional size and quantity, yes!

4. Excessive lighting

Many people believe that to create an airy impression, a room must look bright.

Therefore, many people buy a lot of lamps to give a lot of light to the room.

So how do you go beyond lighting in a cramped room?

Use room lighting that is bright enough, plus an opening large enough to let sunlight into the house during the day.

5. Lots of metal decoration

Home Decoration Metal Ornament

Some people use metal accents to make the room feel more luxurious and elegant.

However, if applied in a small room it will make the room feel narrower, even the decorations can look extravagant or excessive.

6. Just pay attention to the color of the walls

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Another tiny house design mistake is to focus only on the color of the walls to create the illusion of a wider room.

You should not stop at the color of the wall paint.

Also, pay attention to the color of the floor and ceiling.

Paint the floor and ceiling in a bright color that matches the color of the walls.

7. Design a tiny house with wallpaper

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Attractive and diverse wallpaper designs sometimes make us want to install them in the living room or bedroom.

However, for the design of a small house, you should not use large-sized wallpaper.

Wallpaper even makes the room look "spirited" and feel cramped.

In the interior of a small house, you should use plain colors on the walls to keep it safe.

8. Small Isolated House Design

So that the room feels more spacious, avoid limiting the room in various ways.

For example, some people separate the dining room from the narrow living room by using insulated partitions or cabinets.

So, to make the room feel more spacious, avoid this and leave all parts of the room open, except the bedroom.

Here are 8 small house design mistakes that many people make.

Avoid this before buying household items, okay!

I hope this year you can buy a house and make a long-term investment. Can buy a house. A dream come true in 2022.