Storey House Designs With Different Styles

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Good evening jigiyaso.com friends, this time I will discuss about the inspiration of a 3-story house that you can imitate

Having a three-story house is indeed a dream, especially for those who are already married. Imagine each floor can meet different needs, this residential property can be used creatively. Whether new or old, there is always a way to design or renovate a three-story house in every style.

For those of you who are looking for inspiration for a 3-storey house design, below you can cover Kania. Instead of being curious, let's see and let's go!

1. Modern minimalist urban style

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Today's urban lifestyle requires properties that better understand the needs of their residents. So you can apply a 3-story house design that combines minimal elements, full of aesthetics and everyday comfort. The combination of a clean and stylish design is the mainstay of this house.

2. Unique design high style

Source: artfasad.com

From the outside, this one-story 3-storey house has a unique facade concept. This property adopts the alias of a soaring faade, with a prominent mid-level floor. The house also focuses on glass for opulent transparency compared to the traditional 3-story house design.

3. 3 storey bungalow with basement

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There are 3 floors starting from the basement where you can add facilities to imitate the style of this house. This 3-storey house model is actually not new and can be adapted to various architectural models. For this property, a beautiful 3-storey house is designed in a modern minimalist style.

4. Favorite Modern Home Style

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You must be familiar with this 3-storey house plus a home garage with this modern favorite design. In terms of design, a 3-story house like this does look simple, but of course it can also be a real residential property for family needs. Be it space, security or comfort, find it all in this minimalist home model!

5. Beach house style 3-storey bungalow

Source: coasthomeplans.com

Inspired by houses located by the beach, many new homes are also experimenting with this style. This 3-storey house has a more open ground floor and is used as a garage, especially on the middle and upper floors.

So, to make it look more attractive, you can add various hanging plants or colorful flowers to your terrace. Flowering trees such as tabebuya flowers can also be planted. Using one of the stairs on the side, this 3-story house can be your modern inspiration.

6. Glass for a luxurious look

Source: primahomes.com.au

For those who prefer an open concept, try using an open space approach in the new house you want to build. As a result, it is possible to have a 3-story house that feels comfortable and cool. Just take advantage of the see-through glass and the open balcony supported by sturdy pillars. To be more comfortable and maintain privacy, the fence must also be stronger.

7. Tropical 3 Storey House

Source: trendir.com

Who doesn't like hanging out if a 3-story house is designed in a tropical way like the inspiration above? The exterior of this 3-storey house is supported by wood and the design also has a unique modern plot. The house's exterior paint palette combines with natural whites and browns to steal the show. Also in the green park in front of it.

8. The perfect combination of modern and classic

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Want to have a classic three-story house, but don't want it to look too heavy? Try this classic modern style! Beautiful doors, tons of windows, minimalist balconies, garage space, and a pointed roof above, this 3-story house looks very luxurious and charming. In addition, there are additional dim lights that reinforce the classic impression. This real estate style is still very popular in big cities in Indonesia, you know!

Do you have the inspiration to build a 3-story house for your dream property or residence? Just imitate the design ideas above and mix them according to taste. Hopefully this article is useful, yes!

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Thank you for reading this article to the end and reading other unique articles.

I hope those of you who want to own your dream home have a rush house this year. Always cheering for you.