Small house design inspiration 60 m²

Occupancy in small plots is indeed a challenge in its design. To help you get inspired, take a look at the design of a tiny 60 square meter house

The limited size of the house is often an obstacle in designing it to meet your wishes.

However, this is not an obstacle for jigiyaso.com to build a dream house that looks comfortable and beautiful even though it is on a small land.

This is thanks to the proper arrangement and interior decoration as well as the creativity of jigiyaso.com in designing it.

Curious to know what the interior design of the tiny house looks like.

Small house design, there is nothing wrong. House for 4 people.

This two-story house has an area of ​​5x12 meters, which can also be said to be a house with an area of ​​60 square meters.

While the building area is 65 square meters.

small house design open concept

small house design

This tiny house is designed with the concept of an open house, or open space.

“I chose the open space concept so that the room looks spacious. I make the layout and design of the room according to my needs,”

Trying to maximize the functionality of each room, making the atmosphere feel comfortable and spacious.

"Due to limited land or land, I want to maximize the function of each room and find a way so that this tiny house doesn't look cramped,"

Design your own dream house

small house design

Inspired by a coffee shop

Hopefully this can be a reference for you to build a house, a small house is designed to look narrow but feels big when you enter the house.

This tiny house design can be used as an illustration of a simple house. There is nothing wrong with us building a small house.