8 Minimalist Indoor Clothesline Inspiration at Home

8 Minimalist Indoor Clothesline Inspiration at Home, Rainproof laundry safety!

Indoor Clothesline Inspiration - Who said the clothesline should always be outside the house, where most people hang clothes. You can also build it in a residence, as long as you are guaranteed access to light. In order not to be confused by the design, first consider the following inspiration for indoor clotheslines.

The clothesline area is usually located outside the house. The goal is that the laundry room gets lots of sunlight and fresh air. However, such a concept will make your clothesline prone to rain.

Therefore, there is no harm in considering the clothesline area in the house.

As a design reference, here is some minimalist indoor clothesline inspiration.

8 Minimalist Indoor Clothesline Inspiration at Home

1. Laundry area integrated with kitchen

Source: instagram.com/kreakita.homedecor

First, you can combine the laundry room with the kitchen.

Keep the washing machine along with the refrigerator and dishwasher.

Then, on the other hand, you can attach a coat hanger.

To get lighting, replace the ceiling area above it with skylights and install windows on the wall.

2. Indoor clothesline upstairs

Source: instagram.com/dirumah.ps

The next inspiration is the clothesline belonging to the @dirumah.ps account.

On the top floor of the house, there is a special area for the storage of washing machines, clotheslines, and cleaning tools.

The hanger itself is fastened to the glass-covered side of the wall.

So the clothesline can still get a lot of sunlight.

3. Laundry and drying room on the second floor

Source: instagram.com/RumahKeluargaayam

As before, this clothesline is also on the top floor.

The scale is quite large because its main function is the service area.

Therefore, residents can use it for washing, drying, and ironing at the same time.

Not only that, one of the obstacles is the roster wall, so the air in the room feels very cool.

4. Indoor Clothesline with Polycarbonate Roof

Source: instagram.com/elifsalatiga

The layout of the upstairs rooms is actually more suitable for hanging clotheslines.

The reason is that there is less risk of light being blocked by adjacent walls.

To make it look cooler, you can place some ornamental plants in the area.

Not only that, but you can also use it as storage space.

5. Minimalist Indoor Clothesline

Source: instagram.com/rumah_enzo

Next is the inspiration for @rumah_enzo's minimalist laundry room.

The area utilizes the remaining residential land which can only reach 1m in width.

At the top, you can see the skylight roof that protects the room from rain and dust.

Then, to eliminate the narrow impression, residents choose white walls.

6. Japanese Laundry

Source: instagram.com/inspfamz

Is your house designed with the Japandi concept?

If so, don't forget to apply it in the service area, okay?

It's as simple as using wooden shelves in the storage area.

Then there is the dominance of the selection of knick-knacks in a white room.

7. Small service area at home

Source: instagram.com/transithaus

Basically, the service area or laundry room doesn't have to be big.

05.-1m width is sufficient as long as you can maximize the space requirement for hangers.

You can even use the other side of the wall to hang other cleaning supplies.

For example, the inspiration for the indoor clothesline from @transithaus above.

8. Indoor clothesline next to the house

Source: instagram.com/rumah.riqata

One final thought, you could use a small plot of land next to the house.

It doesn't matter if that means there is a window in the middle of the house (pictured above).

You can avoid the dark impression by installing a transparent roof for clotheslines.

As a result, sunlight can still freely enter the house.

Hopefully, the design inspiration above is useful for jigiyaso.com friends.

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