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Hello jigiyaso.com friends, how are you? In this post, I will discuss 7 Japanese minimalist home inspirations to calm the body and soul.

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Japanese Zen philosophy is not limited to the individual, but permeates the interior world in the form of a Japanese minimalist home interior. The design principles emphasize simplicity and serenity, aiming to bring focus and serenity in the form of a modern interior.

Not surprisingly, the concept of a Japanese minimalist house has also managed to spread its influence to all corners of the world. The following inspiration shows how the application of Japanese minimalist home design ideas allows residents to enjoy Zen serenity at home.

7 Minimalist Home Ideas

1. Tropical flair in a Japanese minimalist home

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This Japanese minimalist home application happens to be in the tropical country of São Paulo, Brazil. The Zen concept comes in the form of an HPL (High Pressure Laminate) wood arrangement, mounted vertically and horizontally in this way. As such, there's a dynamic aesthetic reminiscent of Kyoto's Tori Gate, or Fushimi Inari Shrine to be precise.

2. The Meaning of Wabi-Sabi in a Japanese Minimalist Home

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Being perfect and happy even in imperfection is probably the meaning of the wabi-sabi philosophy known to the Japanese. Built with "floating" wooden floors and a traditional Japanese engawa or additional space, this minimalist Japanese house brings back the concept of simplicity in the comforts of everyday life.

3. Inspiration from old-fashioned Japanese minimalism

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This residence is not a new property, but one of the minimalist Japanese residences since the 1950s. No wonder there is a retro style which is also known as a heavy old-fashioned style, but still maintains the minimalist elements of the Japanese system.

Starting from the neatly arranged wooden frames on the ceiling, rows of sash windows, to accent lighting at the main points, the comfort of this minimalist Japanese home in Ohio, USA is guaranteed to make every weekend even more extreme.

4. Origami Inspiration in a Japanese Minimalist Home

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Made of plywood, this minimalist Japanese house offers an efficient storage solution. Naturally, properties located in Hong Kong are known for their narrow plots.

However, the origami principle applied was able to create a Japanese minimalist home design with high comfort. As a result, the room feels more spacious without sacrificing everyday functionality.

5. Japanese minimalist house luxury elegance

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What happens if a Japanese minimalist house is decorated with luxury and elegance? This inspiration answers curiosity as well as interesting for those who are still wondering.

It was developed by a leading New York fashion designer with her husband Josie and Ken Natori, who have long enjoyed traditional Japanese home architecture. Premium wood applications and oriental garden views are presented in this unique Japanese minimalist house.

6. Tansu Stairs in Little Vault

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To maximize this type of residence, the Japanese minimalist home concept comes in the form of a ladder, the principle of an easy-to-remove wardrobe. This storage module that doubles as a rung leads to a comfortable minimalist futon bed, while featuring a beautiful minimal palette.

Even though it is located in an apartment, this inspiration shows that a Japanese minimalist house can exist in any form of residence, be it a contemporary house in the form of an apartment or a traditional house.

7. Small and cozy minimalism

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The Japanese minimalist home style, regardless of size, is very suitable to be applied at home. Modern Japanese minimalist home design inspiration can be done by minimizing the walls or a method called engawa.

The term refers to the empty space between the indoor and outdoor areas to maximize the natural light that enters the room. The house will feel more spacious, bright and airy, offering extra comfort as well.

Want to try a Japanese minimalist home interior? Be sure to consult a reputable interior design service, so you can bring some Japanese serenity and keep your mind and body healthy.

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