6 Best and Newest 6×12 House Plan Design Inspirations in 2022

The 6x12 3 bedroom unit is in great demand because it is very suitable for families with two children.

Friends from Indexbacklinks planning to live in a house measuring 6x12m2 is also a good choice. Is there a problem with the size of the house?

This size is quite large and suitable for a family with 3 bedrooms 3-4 people.

By designing the right floor plan for your home, you can also get a large yard planting, a comfortable terrace for us to relax on, and a minimalist carport.

This is certainly not too big for the budget to build a house measuring 6x12 meters.

Design inspiration for 3 bedrooms 6x12. House plan

1. House Plans 6×12 1 Floor Minimalist Home Design Ideas

Source: arsitur.com

This first floor plan was inspired by a one-story house measuring 6x12.

The house plans are minimalist in design, with one large bedroom that functions as the main bedroom and two medium-sized rooms.

In addition, this floor plan is ideal because it can accommodate the needs of the entire room, such as:

  • front garden of the house.
  • minimalist carport.
  • Family room.
  • kitchen.
  • dining room.
  • Family room.
  • 3 bedrooms.
  • 1 bathroom. also
  • backyard.

2. Unit type 6×12, 3 bedrooms and 1 floor

Source: arsitur.com

The next floor plan is also on the first floor.

However, unlike the previous design, the three rooms are the same size.

Also, the space available in the plan is not very complete, including

  • front garden of the house
  • parking lot.
  • Family room.
  • kitchen.
  • 1 bathroom.
  • 3 bedrooms. and
  • Minimalist backyard.

3. 6x12 units on the first floor, outdoor kitchen

Source: rumahminimalisterpop.blogspot.com

Unlike the first and second floor plans, the next floor has an open kitchen and garden at the back of the house.

Although there is no carport area, the available rooms are quite complete, including:

  • Minimalist terrace and garden in front of the house.
  • Family room.
  • 3 bedrooms of different sizes.
  • 1 bathroom. and
  • Open kitchen.

4. House plan 6×12 1 floor with garage

Source: homsweetimpian.blogspot.com

Want to own a 6×12 house with a garage? It's quite possible, and voila!

Actually, you can also use the rest of the land as a backyard garden.

Unfortunately, the rooms included in this package are incomplete and very limited in size.

To solve this problem, you can design an open concept living room and family room.

Although the rooms available for this package are

  • garden area and front porch of the house.
  • garage.
  • Living room and family room open concept.
  • 3 bedrooms.
  • 1 bathroom. also
  • Open kitchen and back garden.

5. Unit type: 6×12 households, 3 bedrooms and 2 floors

Source: homsweetimpian.blogspot.com

Want a green open space that is spacious, comfortable and convenient?

If so, you can design a two-story 6x12 house.

Rooms included in this package include:

  • The terrace and garden in front of the house are getting more beautiful.
  • minimalist carport.
  • living room/family room.
  • open kitchen.
  • 3 bedrooms.
  • 2 bathrooms. also
  • backyard.

6. 6×12 3 bedrooms without backyard

Source: rumah.com/panduan-properti

Would you rather have a nice room in your home than a garden area?

If so, the next floor plan may be the best option.

Unlike the previous design, this floor plan does not have a large garden, but has a fairly large and comfortable space.

At the same time, these spaces

  • minimalist carport.
  • Loose terrace and garden in front of the house.
  • Family room.
  • open kitchen.
  • 2 family rooms on the 1st and 2nd floors.
  • 3 bedrooms. and
  • 2 bathrooms

Here are some 6x12 floor plans that can be your inspiration.

Hopefully, this info is useful for friends at jigiyaso!

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