8 Elegant green house Paint Inspirations

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Why am I giving you a green reference for your home wall paint recommendation ideas. Because in psychology, green is a cool color because it has a shorter wavelength. Green also often symbolizes nature and is considered to represent the tranquility of nature. Other common associations with green are money, luck, health, jealousy, and environmental awareness.

Fancy green house paint ideas for you to copy

Tired of the same house paint colors? The finished house looks the same as any other house, so it's not as attractive. Solutions that you can try to be different from green house paint. Green is often associated with natural tones. But on the other hand, green house paint can also display an elegant impression.

Don't hesitate, Kania has prepared 8 elegant green house paint inspirations here that you can imitate for your favorite home. Come on, let's see together!

1. Exposed brick green wall

Source: thespruce.com

Exposed brick walls do not always have to use natural colors or be painted white. green house paint can also be a fun idea, you know! Such a display already looks classic and elegant without the need for extra flashy decorations. Sufficient decorative signage and planters. This green house paint design is best combined with a dark brown wooden entrance.

2. play green tone

Source: decoraid.com

If you're hesitant to divide your green house paint into sections, try coloring. Just like the inspiration above, use soft green house paint on the walls and dark green on the roof. The house also looks elegant and the roof seems to frame it.

3. light green paint with white accents

Source: bhg.com

Light green house paint creates an elegant look and a fresh feel. This paint color is also suitable to be combined with white accents. For example on poles and balustrades. Kania recommends this light green house paint to those who want to look classy but don't want to stand out from the rest of the house.

4. looks modern

Source: decoist.com

Modern homes are synonymous with black, gray and white. Few people use green house coatings. In fact, it looks just as modern. The green in the inspiration above is similar to Tuscan green. The appearance itself is made of glossy material, which makes the elegance of the green shine even more.

5. bold color combination

Source: homedecorbliss.com

Is an elegant looking green house paint not enough for you? Take it easy, the green color looks more luxurious with a bold color combination of dark green house paint and black doors. This combination doesn't promise cheesy text, but it catches the attention of everyone who passes by.

6. Army Green Trend

Source: antidiler.org

The army green color is very popular among young people, both in fashion and residential design. This green is soft and neutral and will match almost any home style.

The inspiration this time is a combination of green house paint in general with natural stone accent walls that are suitable for the Mediterranean style. When combined with wood or brown accents, the feel instantly becomes classic.

7. Differentiate the floor of the house


For those who are reluctant to use green house paint on the entire exterior, it is enough to paint the walls of the upstairs house. From a distance, your home looks elegant and stands out from the rest. While the outer part of the lower floor is covered with cream colored natural stone. Looks good, doesn't it?

8. overall retro style

Source: houzz.com

Using duck egg green house paint is an effective way to make a retro-style house look elegant and sweet. This color is applied from the walls to the roof. Also available in white and medium brown. Keep the yard simple with stones and flowers in pots. In this way, the green house remains the main focus.

Here are 8 elegant green house paint inspirations. Dare to try changing the look of your favorite home?

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