15 Bright House Paint Color Inspiration

What paint color would you like to paint on the front of your house? Don't be confused, we will give you a good picture of your house paint.
When I go to a friend's house and see blue, I want to paint at home.

Gray is an attractive color when you visit your sister's house, and it makes a great front paint color.
Well, and visiting brother-in-law, college friends, colleagues, and everyone's homes.
You can always find great front paint colors including white, gray, blue, green and more.
You also don't have to get lost, because the choice of colors can indeed be adjusted to taste, trends, and other factors.
You also don't have to get lost, because the choice of colors can indeed be adjusted to taste, trends, and other factors.

Bright House Paint Color Inspiration

Don't hesitate to apply a unique and attractive exterior paint, don't hesitate, there is no wrong choice.
Before choosing the right color for your home, let's start by choosing the best exterior paint for your home.
Good Home Front Paint Color Inspiration

1. Chocolate Combo

The exterior of the house comes in various combinations of brown, light, and dark colors.
While some parts have black paint and white trim on other parts.

2. Green? do not worry

Some say green is not good enough, but look at this house, it's beautiful isn't it?
The door of the house is also green, except for the green ceramic walls.

3. Charming dark chocolate

The house also has a combination of two shades of brown, both leaning towards dark brown.
Even so, by using a dark house paint color, the exterior of this house looks more elegant.

4. Light Brown with Other Color Accents

Like this house, a good front paint color choice is beige or light brown.
In addition to the gray tiles, the columns and other sections are decorated in orange, red, and black colors.

5. Light blue and gray

If you really like pastel colors, choose pastel colors like light blue and gray.
To give a different accent, white paint on white parts and windows is the right choice, right?

6. White with light blue

White is timeless for the exterior and interior of the house because this color is indeed a safe choice.
However, you can give a different color accent in the form of light blue on the doors and windows.

7. Yellow and Gray

Pale or muted yellow can be an option for the exterior of the house combined with gray.
The orange color appears on the two pillars at the front of the house to make the house look more attractive.

8. Simple White Chocolate

If you really don't like bright colors, go for muted colors.
Light brown or cream colors on the walls can be combined with white on the doors and windows.

9. Gray and Orange

The house does look crowded with gray and orange wall paint.
While the muted color is maroon, the effect is pretty stunning, but if you're confident, don't worry.

10. Yellow and Orange

The exterior color choices for this house are yellow and orange with some white accents, which is also great.
If you really like bright colors that tend to be flashy, these two colors can be an option for your home.

11. Three-color mixing

Are the colors orange, gray and white the choice of house exterior paint? By the way, isn't that fun?
Orange is very striking but looks softer when paired with white Interested in this color combination?

12. Blue and White

Wow, such a combination of sky and sea? Calm dark blue and bright white for interior paint.
The entire wall is blue, while the doors and windows are white, you can choose such a combination.

13. Play with colors

This house is very unique because it combines yellow, orange, red, white, and gray colors.
It's not very neat, but still pleasing to the eye, right? Try it in your home.

14. Mix three colors

This house combines browns, buffs, and grays to produce muted colors.
The choice of pastel colors is certainly for those who don't like festive colors, and this color choice is safe for the exterior of the house.

15. Gray and Black

Monochromes like gray, black and white are your safe bet.
The house doesn't look fancy, which is a cool option if you really don't like bright colors.

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