7 Black and White Minimalist Home Inspirations

source: Pillar House.com

Hello friends at jigiyaso.com, this time I will share another interesting idea that might be your consideration for building your house. This time we will discuss cool black and white house design ideas that you can copy.

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Are you confused about choosing an elegant-looking exterior for your new home? Try to make the facade of the house in a minimalist style. In general, minimalist homes have a simple model without too many details. Another specialty is the black and white appearance of the house which makes it look exotic.

Although fairly simple, a black and white minimalist house can avoid the impression of being monotonous. By applying some hybrid home modeling techniques, you can build a black and white house that looks elegant and cool.

Below, Kania collects some inspiration for a black and white minimalist home. Guaranteed, you will be easily impressed and want to imitate the black and white house facade inspiration below right away!

1. simple black and white house

source: Architect's website

This black and white house model is dominated by white with black frames and windows and doors, so it's super minimalist! The model is very simple because it only uses different sized cube geometries for the bottom and top layers. However, the results will not disappoint you!

2. Classic Minimalist and Exotic

source: Pillar House.com

Minimalist homes often use a flat roof model. However, the black and white pointed roof gives an exotic and classic impression. This black and white house mockup is sure to make you feel more at home in your new home.

3. Futuristic black and white house

source: pinterest.com

The futuristic feel of this black and white house comes from the upper level of the house which is more protruding than the lower level, coupled with the asymmetrical upper and lower floors. This makes the top floor of the house seem to float. The use of large windows makes the black and white house look wider and also enhances the futuristic feel of the facade of the house.

4. black and white house with big windows

source: squarespace.com

The appearance of this black and white house easily fascinates anyone with its luxury. Almost the entire front wall of the house is painted white. The black color only appears on the roof and door and window frames. But on the one hand, there is a large glass wall that makes this property look cooler. The dim lighting in the house also makes it look classy.

5. Two buildings in one: unique and cool!

source: Architectural Art Design Network

The facade of this black and white house is unique. Actually, these are two buildings with a small bridge on the top floor connecting the two buildings. Each building has the advantage of a different facade and wall color. One of the buildings has a classic minimalist look with a triangular roof and black walls. At the same time, other parts are more inclined to build a modern minimalist house that is dominated by white.

6. Black and white tropical minimalist house

source: trulia.com

This black and white minimalist house is actually dominated by white on the walls. Black appears on doors, windows and roofs. The front of the house has square columns and a large grass area, creating an aesthetically tropical feel. With this tropical minimalist black and white house facade mockup, you can create an interior that has a natural feel, such as Japanese, Scandinavian or minimalist.

7. Industrial black and white minimalist house

source: houzz.com

From the model alone, you can immediately realize that this black and white house is not only about a minimalist concept. The industrial feel is enhanced by the black color given by the metallic material on the exterior of the property. The use of large asymmetrical windows at the front of the house makes the house look unfinished but still elegant.

Which black and white minimalist house is your favourite? Come on, build a new house with a facade that will make you fall in love every day!

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Thank you for reading the jigiyaso.com article to the end, that's all jigiyaso.com can convey, I hope it helps you, as a reference for your home design ideas, I pray that you can have your dream home this year. success always, yes!