7 trending bedroom paint colors for 2022

Cool Home Color Ideas - Bedroom paint color trends change every year and 2022 is no exception. What color will appear, right?

Bedroom colors that are trending this year are those that give a calming impression.

Therefore, many people want a soothing bedroom color considering the very limited daily activities.

Here are the trending bedroom paint colors for 2022!

Bedroom Paint Color Trends in 2022

1. Beige

The first trending bedroom paint color of 2022 is beige or beige. Beige is a color in a brown palette that gives the impression of a warm, neutral, natural and soothing bedroom feel.

If you want to give this color a different touch, you can combine it with other colors.

But make sure the complementary colors match the beige.

For example, combining beige with gray.

2. Yellow

The yellow color is perfect for those of you who want to give a bright impression to their bedroom. Yellow not only gives a bright impression but can also make your room look more lively and warm.

Shades of yellow are perfect for those who need positive energy in their bedroom.

However, if you don't like yellows that are too light, we recommend light yellow.

Slightly different from bright yellow, pale yellow accentuates the impression of calm.

3. Gray

The color of gray bedroom paint is in great demand lately because it can give an attractive impression.

This year, gray seems to be back into a popular color that is widely used as a bedroom color.

The bedroom is painted gray to give the impression of being sturdy, solid and sturdy.

This gray color is also suitable for those of you who want to appear in a trendy industrial interior style.

In addition to industrial, gray is also suitable for other interior styles such as Scandinavian or even minimalist.

4. Gold

Want to create a luxurious feel in your bedroom? If yes, then gold is the right choice for you.

However, this gold is not used as the main color at all. However, only as a color accent.

For example, by giving a gold accent to a room that uses white or cream as the main color.

By adding a touch of gold as an accent, your bedroom will definitely look more classy and luxurious.

5. Red

In addition to gold, alternative colors that can give the impression of luxury are dark red or maroon.

This dark red color is a combination of red, pink and purple.

Therefore, this color looks more natural than gold.

If you want to highlight the feminine feel of the room, dark red is the right bedroom paint color choice.

6. Soft blue

Blue is an ideal color for a bedroom, especially if you really want a relaxing bedroom.

The blue color you can choose to create this shade is a soft blue.

You can choose from a variety of blues, from light blue to dark blue.

7. Teal

Besides blue, the bedroom paint color that is no less interesting is teal, such as turquoise or teal.

The color is a combination of green and blue.

That said, this color is also suitable for those of you who want to create the impression of a quiet bedroom.

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