6 Amazing Modern Minimalist House Models

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Hello jigiyaso.com friends? How are you. This time I will discuss the inspiration for a minimalist home model that everyone likes.

Sometimes the most popular minimalist home model and not easily out of date. Such house designs are very popular, especially with a touch of constant innovation. As a result, more and more modern minimalist home models appear and continue to provide inspiration for total comfort.

The minimalist home model itself is not limiting, it can even be applied to small houses. So, so you don't miss it, first take a look at the modern minimalist home model and let's go!

1. Modern atmosphere with a warm touch

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In contrast to the minimalist home style of the previous generation, the modern minimalist style tends to have less rigid accents. Formal elements such as a rounded style, a more decorative minimalist window arrangement, and a classic-style roof feel both fresh and familiar.

This minimalist home model successfully applies a new style with a sophisticated and unique concept. There is also a sleek modern feel. In addition, the arrangement of green spaces is also a complement to home design which is closely related to natural elements. You can find this minimalist home mockup at Clover Hill Residence, you know!

2. Unique minimalist house model

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It is undeniable that modern and minimalist home furnishings are widely adopted by real estate developers in big cities. With tastes that are closer to the demands of urban life, there are more choices of minimalist home models that, although similar, still have unique charms, such as Hummingbird House BSD.

There are models that are identical from one house to another, but contradict each other, creating the illusion of a mirror effect. In addition, the pitched roof model is also the main attraction. This minimalist home pattern is also suitable for those of you who are looking for a Japanese-style house, you know!

3. The dominance of natural ingredients that are all smooth

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Not only in big cities in Indonesia, modern minimalist house models are also a residential trend that continues to stand out in various styles. One of them is in Singapore, where this minimalist home model consists of two floors and focuses on the use of various natural materials such as wood and natural stone. This minimalist home model is also made more transparent by choosing transparent glass material.

4. Modern Japan

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A more modern minimalist home model that recognizes the importance of outdoor space and a fully connected design. The Nara Village residence in Tangerang presents a Japanese style that many people like. The warm and natural elements are guaranteed to make the residents feel more at home.

Well, to make it more homey, you can combine this Japanese house design with the Scandinavian style, you know! The combination of these two styles, which is also known as Japanese design, can be applied to the interior. So a house will have two nuances without losing the distinctly Japanese design.

5. Tropical house with holiday feel

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Plus there is a minimalist home model with tropical nuances that further enhances the modern home. Located in the residential area of Caelus Greenwich Park in BSD City, this house seems to bring its residents to the feel of a tropical vacation. This modern and minimalist house model with an exterior dominated by wood elements is perfect for those of you who like to vacation!

6. Simpler and more amazing

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Don't forget, there is another side to a minimalist home model that takes a minimalist style and true minimalist essence. This pattern often occurs in developed countries, especially Japan. However, now it is also starting to be glimpsed by various minimalist enthusiasts in China, be it the concept of commercial, office or residential space.

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Here are 6 modern minimalist home models that are charming and everyone's dream. Hope it inspires you.

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