8 aesthetic room decorating ideas

 8 Low Budget Aesthetic Room Decorating Tips

Having a comfortable room is a must, because the room can sometimes be used as a place to hide from the outside world. Creating a comfortable room can be started by applying beautiful room decorations.

Who doesn't want to have a room as comfortable as a palace?

Don't worry, the room renovation business doesn't just cost a lot of money.

You can still beautify the room with minimal costs

Tips for Aesthetic Room Decoration Plus Save

1. Use Exposure Bricks

Do you like retro things? The concept of decorating a bedroom is definitely you, right!

An exposed brick wall is less expensive than painted or wallpapered walls.

However, exposed brick walls require more attention in the process in order to get maximum results in the future and do not become brittle.

Combine exposed brick walls with vintage-inspired items.

Such as the use of wooden furniture, posters as wall decorations, patterned rugs, patterned bed linen, and the use of light bulbs for decoration.

Anesthetic room design like this can give the impression of history and antiquity.

2. Use Ornamental Plants

Decorating a room with houseplants is best for those with white walls and lots of sun.

To start decorating a room with a forest feel, you can start by choosing the plants you want to place in the room.

Try to choose plants that are not troublesome and can adapt to the light of the room.

Use a monochrome interior. For example, photo frames, night lights, and black and white sheets.

Don't forget to create a bright feel by adding wood accents to the interior so the room doesn't feel boring.

3. Decorate with photo collage

Love photography? Turn your room into a private gallery.

Just stick a set of photos on the wall and you can literally make your room perfect for Instagram.

How to decorate it is also easy. Just print your favorite photo and stick it on the bedroom wall.

But don't just get hung up on it, okay? Instead of making your room aesthetic, it can become too crowded and make you dizzy.

You have to pay attention to the placement, such as using only part of the wall and leaving the other walls flat or with a little decoration.

Add a Tumblr light to make the night in your room even more memorable.

4. Add board

Decorating a room with planks is a little pricey, but it's still a common trick to keep costs down.

First, look for cheap boards on the online market and look for ones that already have a protective coating.

Use boards only on one side of the wall, such as the side of the room facing away from the bed.

Add some borders to make it more elegant while increasing storage space.

If you want to create the feel of a room with a Korean aesthetic, install wooden boards on the ceiling of the room.

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5. Create a brown hue

An aesthetically simple but attractive room paint color is brown, it's just a matter of adjusting the color spectrum.

You can use dark brown paint on walls and simple wooden furniture…

For example, make a crib out of a wooden box and add a classic wall decoration such as a picture frame.

Add some wall decor too, but try not to be too crowded and keep it simple and classic.

Even more classic if you use the boards to paint the floor.

6. Get creative with ribbons

Source: hipwee.com

Bored with the walls of a room like this, let alone the colors that look drab?

You don't have to spend a lot of money to repaint your room to get a new feel and feel.

Try using washi tape or similar to make your room more attractive.

7. Get creative with sticky notes

Source: freepik.com

Sticky notes are now one of the must-have items for taking notes, be it a student or someone who is already working.

Well, with a little creativity, you can make these sticky notes as room decorations.

Buy sticky notes in different colors and stick them on your bedroom wall in a pattern.

8. Tumblr Lights

Source: ryanhomedesign.co

A low-budget version of the aesthetic room decoration that you should try is using Tumblr lights to decorate it.

This lamp is indeed often used as an aesthetic room decoration and is easy to market, especially in the online market.

Interestingly, these lights can be arranged as you like. So, maximize your creativity!

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