6 Sundries of Ribbon Glass for Home Windows

Hi everyone, jigiyaso.com Today we will talk about using Riben Glass as a home window.

Glass is one of the materials that must be in the house. In addition to furniture such as tables, glass is also used as door and window material so that the house is not hot and bright due to exposure to sunlight.

There are many types to choose from, one type of glass you can use is ribbon glass, also known as tinted glass. Well, for those of you who are planning to use and install tape glass on your windows, Kania has some information that you should know first. So, let's take a look at the sundries about glass tape in the article below!

What is glass tape?


You need to know that ribbon glass or colored glass is glass made from different raw materials from ordinary glass, so it can produce special colors such as brown, blue, or even gray. The production of color-producing ribbon glass is produced by the addition of metal oxides, the use of which provides many advantages for home windows over ordinary glass.

1. Riben glass reduces excess heat


If the windows in your house are too hot, then you may consider using tape glass on the windows or ceilings of the house. This is because the tape glass can withstand sunlight up to 55%, so the room does not get too much hot air.

If you are currently still in the building stage or are looking for a new home, there is nothing wrong with choosing this material for your windows from the start. Therefore, the possibility of hot air in the new house can be minimized immediately.

2. Riben Glass makes your home cooler


Having the best ability to absorb excess heat from the sun means Riben Glass will make your home feel cooler and more comfortable. This way, you can also use less electricity because the cooler air inside the house eliminates the need to keep an air conditioner on like an air conditioner or fan.

3. Riben Glass reduces the risk of UV rays


In addition to minimizing hot air from the sun, the use of tape glass is also very effective in protecting yourself from the risk of damage from UV rays. So, if you want to avoid direct UV rays on your skin, you can install tape glass in several places in your home, such as a bedroom window or a living room window near the lounge area.

4. Riben glass protects home furniture


Not only damage the skin, excessive sun exposure can also damage furniture, wall paint, and even home decorations. So, if you want your furniture and decor to last longer or your interior paint colors don't fade, you can consider tape glass.

But of course this must be accompanied by a choice of quality wall paint and home furnishings, yes! It's useless, isn't it, if you protect the furniture with glass strips, it turns out that the quality of the furniture itself is not good enough, and there is a possibility that it will be damaged even if it is not exposed to the hot sun?

5. Riben Glass Improves Home Security


Security is another important thing that you should consider when building a new home. By using tape glass, you can minimize crime, especially if you use dark colored tape glass, which can make it difficult for someone outside to peek into your home.

However, even though stained glass can block views from the outside into the house, Kania recommends that you still use curtains on your windows for extra protection. In the morning and evening, the curtains can be pulled so that sunlight can still enter the room.

6. Riben Glass makes your home more artistic


The many variations of the color of the glass tape can also make the exterior of the house look more artistic and glamorous. At the same time, sunlight through the glass tape will produce beautiful color reflections in the interior design of the house, so its use is very suitable if you want to make your home look more beautiful.

Currently, tape glass is easily available in the market, and the price is not much different from ordinary glass. So, are you interested in using tape glass on the windows of your new home?

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