9 minimalist blue house inspirations that bring peace

Blue minimalist home design ideas that can be imitated

Whatever interior design taste you have, there's no denying that nature plays an important role in providing inspiration. No wonder the blue minimalist house trend pops up every year because it is timeless.

For interior and exterior design, a blue minimalist house can give a homey impression that is second to none. So, so that you can better understand and feel the meaning of Kania, let's look at the inspiration for the following blue minimalist house!

  • Attractive blue minimalist house exterior

source houzz.com

Can you imagine the stunning effect on the exterior of this blue minimalist house? You can immediately give the impression of "wow" by choosing a gray-blue paint that is softer and suitable for a modern minimalist home.

The blue minimalist house also looks more elegant in dim lighting at night. It would be even better if the house design leans towards nature, because blue itself is a unique natural color.

  • The combination of blue with modern accents

Source home-designing.com

With a simple interior design and a choice of supportive furniture, it's easy to get a blue minimalist house with a modern feel. Including for a small house, you can create a beautiful blue minimalist house with a color combination of sofas, guest tables, bar stools, rugs and other home accessories.

  • Sofabed Heim Studio Daito creates a blue minimalist house

source decoruma.com

For the sofa, you can use a dark blue sofa bed model like the Daito Sofa Bed from Heim Studio. Why a sofa bed? This is because this model is versatile and also saves space, besides being able to sit as a sofa, it can also be used as a bed for a short rest by adjusting the backrest.

In addition, this Dadong sofa bed is also equipped with an armrest function, which can be used as a place to put drinks. Your blue minimalist home interior will be more homey, right!

  • Exciting nuances of a blue minimalist tiny house

Source homedesignideas.eu

For those of you who want a blue minimalist house that immediately grabs your attention, you can try combining a dark blue color with a contrasting green color on the door. The dark blue minimalist house on the exterior is an option because it is not as dark as black and certainly has a fun and cheerful impression that is suitable for the younger generation.

  • Soft blue texture with pure white

source decoist.com

For those who like the impression of luxury, a blue minimalist house is still an option. Like the inspiration above, the interior design is definitely more beautiful with a beautiful velvet sofa. Combining it with white is also effective in making an unforgettable blue minimalist home interior design.

  • Blue Minimalist House Still Attractive

source dokuruma.com

Choosing paint as the main focus of interior design can be the blue minimalist home solution you are looking for. To make it look attractive, mix it with neutral and cheerful colors through furniture and decorations in the house. So, don't worry, the blue minimalist home interior looks boring.

  • Linori HOMA decorative rug 200x150

source dokuruma.com

Playing with patterns or patterns will also add to the beauty of your blue minimalist home. For example, blue leaf patterns on patterned bed linen or rugs. As a reference, you can use the Linori HOMA rug with abstract geometric motifs.

The color itself is a mix of light blue, dark blue, white and yellowish brown, giving a cheerful impression without being too focused on a balanced color combination. The material itself is made of nylon thread, so it is more durable and easy to clean.

Pop with all blue kitchen

source decoist.com

Did you know, the theme of a modern kitchen is not just a black and white minimalist. Check out the kitchen in this minimalist blue house, which is dominated by a soothing blue kitchen set.

Combining with the outdoors, this kitchen looks more luxurious and vibrant than choosing other neutral colors. For those of you who are bored with standard colors, you can really try this blue minimalist home trend in your kitchen.

  • Window accents in a blue minimalist house

source bluhomes.ph

Want to look like a blue minimalist house without getting excited? Check out the inspiration for a fairly successful housing project featuring a blue minimalist house with accents on the outside. This modern home catches the eye with a very bold blue palette without the need for elaborate designs.

  • Sleep well and be captivated by the color blue

source dokuruma.com

A blue minimalist home interior design will not be complete without a personal space with a similar theme. One of the best rooms for this pastel color is the bedroom. Suitable for hanging on the wall, the interior design of a blue room will feel different, bring a calming effect and extra rest.

  • Small kitchen solutions for blue interior

source dokuruma.com

Many people may not know that blue is perfect for small apartments. Compared to other neutral colors such as black or brown, which look a little heavier, blue gives a more cheerful impression and has a long effect.

For those of you who are still looking for a solution to overcome a narrow space, never mind, try applying this trick to get a blue minimalist home interior that is still beautiful and comfortable, including the kitchen. But, of course, combine it with space-saving furniture!

How this blue minimalist house is really charming, isn't it? If you want to use it directly at home but don't know how to use it, please contact jigiyaso.com