7 Front View Home Design Ideas

(source: casalisty.com.br)

hello friends jigiyaso.com This time I will discuss about the idea of a house with 2 bedrooms. Who knows you are looking for references for your dream home. 2 bedroom house with pyramid roof 

Here are some front facing 2 bedroom house ideas when you want to build a home that ranges from minimalism to modern tropical luxury.

Modern house design is one of the choices of today's residential forms and is a design style that many people like.

The reason is, the latest home models are considered up to date with the trends and developments of the times.

Many forward-thinking homes are designed with aesthetics in mind, but comfort first.

For dexample, the image of a modern minimalist house looks comfortable even on limited land.

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Even with a limited land area, a minimalist house can still have 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

If you're looking for home inspiration, there are plenty of images to apply to your home.

Who knows, the front view of the collection of houses summarized by JigiYaso.com could be a source of ideas. Come on, let's see together!

1. Elegant house model

(source: rumahpedia.info)

Thais minimalist house looks elegant and certainly has a facade design decorated with wall sconces. Applying natural stone walls on several sides brings a beautiful accent to the front of the house.

2. Simple residential facade design

(source: homeshabby.com)

While the exterior of a minimalist house looks simple, but feels attractive thanks to the mini garden. The idea of creating a mini green space can be applied to the facade of a minimalist house 36. A good simple wall garden can also be presented if the land in front of the house ris limited.

3. Modern Home Inspiration

(Source: pinterest/alma macabe)

Looking for a modern tropical house model? Choose the latest wall paint color and look stunning. Like the exterior of this modern tropical minimalist house, the combination of gray and beige colors.

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4. Elegant facade style

(source: pinterest/zetka Architects)

To make the appearance of 36 minimalist homes look elegant, granite can be used for patio walls. For example in this latest minimalist front view. Luxurious and elegant, right? 

Your front porch is available in a variety of granite styles. Just see article JigiYaso.com for suggestions.

5. Home design inspired by nature

(source: realm Solusi.web.id) 

Using natural stone walls, the front view of a 7x12m house will feel natural. This minimalist home model is one example. The house looks beautiful with ceramic wall patterns combined with natural stone. The front view of a minimalist home design with natural stone will definitely make the house feel like a villa too.

6. Minimalist Home Inspiration

(source: pinterest)

Of course, the front view of a minimalist house will be more attractive if the paint color for the patio walls is chosen correctly. Like this 6x12 minimalist home design, the combination of gray, beige, and white looks stunning.

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7. Beautiful Simple House

(source: ruangminimalis.com)

This minimalist 2 bedroom house design looks beautiful thanks to the combination of material elements. The combination of beige wall paint colors and natural patterned wall tiles gives an attractive appearance.

So, those are some inspirations for the best 2 bedroom house front views. Find inspiration for home decor or other fun interior designs only at Article JigiYaso.com.

That's all I can say about interesting home design ideas, hopefully it can be a reference for you. I pray that this year, for those of you who don't have a house yet, get one soon. Don't forget to always support jigiyaso.com to always make other interesting information.