6 of the most interesting restaurant concepts in the world


Hello Jigiyaso.com friends, how are you? Before discussing it, we remind you that the JigiYaso.com website always discusses other unique things about the real estate world, discussing home design ideas, home decoration ideas, simple home ideas, luxury home ideas, home garden ideas. Well, this time I will bring you a topic about the concept of restaurants around the world that you need to know.

In addition to the food menu, the atmosphere of the restaurant is also a consideration for tourists. Ideally, a restaurant should have an attractive design that is different from other places to eat, so that visitors don't get bored and become the subject of conversation on social media which is an effective promotional tool.

Are you planning to open a restaurant? This time, Kania will share 8 of the most interesting restaurant concepts in the world for your reference. Where are they?

1. Unicorn Restaurant – Thailand


Located in Bangkok, this restaurant has a sweet and playful feel. Unicorn Café made of pink with a cheerful theme. In addition, the dining room is also full of unicorn nuances, from the selection of wall coverings, the selection of sofas, to various unicorn dolls placed in the restaurant's dining room.

You can replicate the contemporary feel of Unicorn Café into the restaurant concept you want to create. Very Instagramable right?

2. (Un)Fashion – Thailand


Still from Bangkok, Thailand, you can find other interesting restaurant concepts at (Un)Fashion Café. The restaurant is themed in a classic home style and includes a variety of room decorations such as bags, shoes and other clothing accessories.

Inside, the warm nuance feels strong thanks to the dominance of brown and white colors that dominate the room. The fact that one of the walls uses a building material, exposed brick, further strengthens its classic impression.

3. A380 - Taiwan

Restaurant A380

There is a unique airplane-themed restaurant in Taiwan. In this restaurant, the interior is designed similar to an Airbus A380 aircraft, so that visitors can enjoy a unique atmosphere like being on an airplane. Starting from the ceiling, chairs in cafes, even window models are made as close to the field as possible. It's fun, isn't it?

4. Alcatraz Prison - China

Eat in prison? Not fun at all. Unlike the Chinese prison restaurant Alcatraz, this restaurant offers a new restaurant that feels like being in a prison.


The restaurant features prison-inspired décor such as cells and chains, and the dark colors make it feel more authentic. Visitors can get a unique experience.

Restaurants have unique entry requirements, such as a fingerprint record, a photo with the prisoner's number, and eating only what is needed in the cell.

5. Stylenanda Pink Pool – South Korea


Just like Unicorn Cafe, this dining place offers unique touches such as a pink bed on the 6th floor and chairs with a pool concept on the 5th floor.

6. Harvey Washbangers – USA

source:Elite Reader Network

Harvey Washbangers also offers an attractive dining room design with a laundry theme. More than just a theme, this restaurant actually provides laundry services via 80 washers and dryers. This allows every visitor not to be bored waiting for the laundry process to finish, while enjoying a varied restaurant menu.


Interested in copying the Harvey Washbangers concept? You can create a similar concept with a restaurant and laundry combination, which not only serves as a decoration but also as a source of income.

The six restaurants above have interesting concepts that can inspire those who want to open a cafe or restaurant. Also find unique decorations and furniture at JigiYaso.com that will suit your needs when building a restaurant!

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Hopefully this year you can have a dream home. and achieve everything you want. Success always for you.