6 Newest Minimalist Home Design Ideas for 2022

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Hello friends, jigiyaso.com, the always fun real estate blogging site. This time I will discuss about a minimalist house. Often called the eternal home, but there is always a new model. Except for 2022, some minimalist dream house designs may seem strange because they were not popular in previous years. However, this design can be a model for your new minimalist dream home.

Don't worry and be confused, we will give you a solution to understand minimalist home design.

This is another convenience concept that can be incorporated into a minimalist home that makes dream home designs continue to grow. In fact, it is not uncommon for someone to mistake a minimalist home model, because there is no other design philosophy that is as strong as that.

For those who are designing a minimalist dream home in 2022, here are some examples to serve as inspiration.


1. Minimalist sleek house filled with wood

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Right now, you might think that you want a minimalist dream house with strong wood elements. Forget the habit of painting a minimalist house with shades of white, black or gray. If you want to go against the flow, you can imitate this minimalist dream house filled with wood with this elongated shape. There is a warm, modern and unique feel at the same time.

In this section, there is a balcony with glass railings. In that area, you can add a bean bag to relax and even prepare a dining table and chairs for the outdoor dining area.

2. Minimalist Dream House with Gable Roof

Source facebook.com/DEPTHARCHITECT

Minimalist homes tend to have flat cast roofs, so they don't leak easily. However, there is nothing wrong with trying to build a minimalist dream house with a pointed roof. Enhance the minimalist impression of this new home by using neutral colors like white for almost the entire wall.

Meanwhile, for door and window frames, natural colors such as brown can be chosen to remain neutral while also presenting a warm impression. The inspiration for this minimalist dream house is very interesting, isn't it?

3. Industrial feel in a minimalist dream house

 Source Architectural Style.com 

The minimalist model is realized from asymmetrical house shape, also with thick black color. At the same time, industrial style through the floors and stairs that are not covered with ceramics, the frame in the house seems unfinished.

Minimalist dream house is timeless. But apart from a minimalist house, are you interested in the concept of an industrial house that uses raw materials and has not yet been completed? You can, can combine it into a minimalist dream house with an industrial touch like the example above.

4. Minimalist house without windows maintains privacy

source gessato.com

Windows tend to reduce privacy in the house because other people have the opportunity to see the inside of the house, even if you use window film. If you want to really maintain your privacy, why not build your dream house without windows?

Some people may find it strange. However, when realized, this minimalist new house without windows actually looks very unusual! To maintain the good air circulation in your home, you can install ventilation in several locations.

5. All white minimalist house

Source idesignarch.com

Regardless of the model, white really dominates the minimalist dream house. However, a minimalist house, without adding other color elements, is all white, is it very rare?

This all-white minimalist dream house mockup is perfect for those of you who prefer a clean and airy impression. The reason why other colors don't appear in this minimalist dream house is of course because all the doors and frames used are white. At the same time, the window adopts the concept of a large opening without a grating, so that it appears transparent. To balance the nuances, install dimly lit fixtures to create a warm and luxurious feel.

6. Everything is open in a minimalist dream house

Source readelysian.com

This model is perfect for those of you who prefer an open area for fresh nature and crave a new home with a large minimalist yard. Almost all the walls that lead to the exterior of this minimalist dream house have been replaced with glass, making the house feel wider while allowing you to blend in with the natural surroundings. It's just this minimalist dream home model with less privacy.

So, which minimalist dream house do you want to make this year come true? Adjust the model of your dream home to the wishes and needs of your family. This year, I hope you can make your dream home come true.