6 inspirational European classic houses that are magnificent and elegant

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Hello jigiyaso.com friends, how are you? I wish you success always. This time jigiyaso.com will share an interesting idea.

Maybe we can imitate the concept of a European-style house design and become a reference for your home. European classic house design ideas that you can imitate

Want to build a new house that looks grand and elegant? You can choose a look with a classic European house model. Guaranteed your residential property will look stunning and not boring.

The classic European house has a unique flat impression from the front to the roof that looks like a pointed triangle. Not only that, you can create a classic European house by installing large windows and using natural elements such as brick or wood.

For those who want to build a new house in a classic European style, check out some of Kania's inspiration below. You can get a property with a strong impression of a classic European house!

6 European Classical Home Design Ideas

1. European style half castle classic house

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It is undeniable that when we talk about classic European houses, we will definitely think of buildings such as castles or palaces. You see, there are indeed many kingdoms in Europe that are famous for their castle landmarks.

Well, you can also make a classic European house with a castle feel. This may be the answer for those who want to build a new house on limited land so that the construction is more vertical. To strengthen the impression of a half castle, a circular area is made like a lighthouse on one side of the house.

2. European style classic house exotic bricks

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European classic houses tend to have strong natural elements. You can make a house with an exposed red brick exterior to give a classic but still luxurious impression. Also install some two doors that can also be used as windows. That way, light and air circulation will enter your home.

3. Classic European style bungalow with alcove windows

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Classical European buildings tend to have flat exterior walls. However, there is nothing wrong with modifying the facade of a new European-style house into a niche window model that protrudes forward. Not only as air circulation and a source of light, the interior of the alcove window can also be used as a relaxing seat or reading area. Of course, making alcove windows for your new home will look more elegant.

4. European Classic Flat Roof House

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The hallmark of a classic European house does have a pointed gable roof. However, ignoring this trait will not hurt you. If you want to build a classic European house that is more modern or contemporary, you can build a classic flat roof house with a casting shape like the inspiration above.

Meanwhile, the classic impression can still be seen through the balconies and columns of the house, as well as the two-door model. Don't forget the dim lighting also adds to the impression of this classic European house.

5. European classic houses don't have to be flat

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European classic houses are generally multi-storey. However, this is not absolute, really. You can still have a beautiful and elegant European classic house. The key lies in the supporting elements of the house, such as large functional windows and lighting. A gable gable can also be created by adding an attic to enhance the classic feel of your new dream home.

6. European classic house L shape

L-shaped classic European-style house

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Does a classic European house really have to be rectangular? of course not! If you want to make the house model more varied, try the concept of the letter L for the facade. The gabled roof, large windows, and natural stone additions to the walls reinforce the classic European vibe and make nature feel even more natural.

Here is a selection of classic European home exteriors that you can use as inspiration for your new home. Kania suggests adjusting the facade you choose based on the land area and the needs of your family room. Of all the inspirations above, which one is your favourite?

If your classic European house is finished, don't forget to complete the interior with quality furniture and furniture.

That's all family references I can give. Hopefully this year you can build or buy a new house. Don't forget to read the article at jigiyaso.com for other home design ideas.