20 Minimalist Home Terrace Pictures

 JIGIYASO - Hi guys. Check out some pictures of minimalist home terraces that can definitely be an inspiration to beautify the appearance of your home. See the best suggestions. Nowadays, the terrace of the house is often minimalist in size compared to the house of parents or grandparents. If you have a type 36/72 house, the size of the terrace is certainly small because you have to share it with the carport and garden. If you don't have a car and only have a motorbike, you can indeed put a chair on the terrace. However, if you have a car, the terrace of the house is full, so be sure to keep it minimalist. Don't compare it to your parents' or grandparents' house which usually has a large terrace. It could be that they have sofas, chairs, lounge chairs, etc. on their terrace as it is very spacious. Don't be discouraged, a minimalist home terrace can be beautifully designed to make the house look more attractive. 

The property website JIGIYASO.COM will feature 20 pictures of minimalist patios for inspiration.

20 Minimalist House Terrace Images

1. The door of the house is painted black

The terrace of the house has a black door that contrasts with the beige walls of the house.
Many plants beautify the terrace of this house, some are hung on the wall and placed on shelves.

2. Minimalist white chair

This white chair and small minimalist table make the terrace of this house look beautiful and minimalist.
Plants in pots are placed on a small table to make the terrace look more attractive.

3. Terrace Wood Floor

Want to make a difference on your patio? Just try installing wooden floors that are laid out like a vacation home.
Add paths and gardens to beautify the terrace of this house, giving it a natural feel.

4. Green grass on the terrace

Do you often hang out on the terrace? Just put a chair made of rattan, which is resistant to splashes of sunlight and rain. Don't forget to install natural grass to make the terrace greener, or artificial grass if you are lazy to take care of natural grass.

5. Shelf with potted plants

Do you like gardening or farming? Take advantage of the terrace of the house to display various plants.
This small shelf can accommodate potted plants, as well as other parts of the patio.

6. Maximize the terrace of the house

The terrace of the house really maximizes the remaining sitting and garden space.
If there are guests, this terrace can also be used as a place to receive guests, and the place is narrow but comfortable.

7. Install natural stone on the terrace

The natural nuance is clearly visible in front of the terrace of this house, where natural stone is installed on the walls.
Medium-sized plants in pots also beautify the terrace of the house so that it gives a minimalist look.

8. Patterned tiles on the terrace

Patterned tiles can be a fun accent on your patio, and black tiles with patterns are an option.
The choice of patterned tiles certainly contrasts sharply with the White House wall paint and wooden seating.

9. All-white tone

Is there a white terrace? Who is afraid of all white floors, walls, knick-knacks. Different accents can only be obtained from greenery, but they all look interesting, don't they?

10. Minimalism without objects

Busy working and rarely entertaining guests at home, why not design a truly minimalist living room. No table and chairs, no potted plants, just a small garden with grass.

11. Feeling at home with grandparents

The terrace of the house is different with old-fashioned doors and windows, similar to grandparents' houses. The floor is also plain tile, and the terrace of this house is decorated with old-style chairs, isn't it beautiful?

12. Mix of white and gray

Want to mix two colors? The combination of white and dark gray can be chosen like the terrace of this house. Half of the walls were white and the rest were black, as was the dark floor.

13. Minimalist Terrace Carport

Many houses actually have a minimalist terrace in the form of a closed carport. To beautify the exterior, the terrace of the house is painted in red, black and gray.

14. White is eternal

White as one of the basic colors does look timeless because it is always popular, classic, and still attractive. The terrace of the house is beautiful even though it is painted white, and there are stone arrangements in the corners of the house.

15. Cool Tree

The terrace of the house is like being surrounded by a garden filled with trees and potted plants. A minimalist bench is placed on the terrace to receive guests, and it will be more cool if you can relax on this terrace.

16. Yellow Bench and Door

The door of the house can be an interesting place to be seen from the outside of this house and house. Not only the yellow door, but also the chair and the lamp, don't be afraid to play with color.

17. Resort Feeling

If you travel a lot, turn your patio into a resort retreat with benches to relax on. Large trees, vines and gardens also enrich the trees on the terrace of this house.

18. Wooden Lounge

The terrace of this house is unique because it has a place to relax and wooden walls that are designed together. With seats, tables, and the roof together, it seems that the residents of this house have long felt at home on the terrace.

19. Old House Terrace

Missing your grandparents' home? Just change the terrace of the house with the feel of an old house. Find old chairs and tables or new but antique chairs and tables, the choice is yours.

20. The terrace of the house without chairs

Not a few people who do not display anything on the terrace of the house, including chairs to entertain guests. You can do this if you feel that the terrace is too small or if you want to receive guests at home.

Wow, that's a lot too. Don't be confused by this.

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