12 Comfortable Room Decoration Inspirations

jigiyosa - Hello everyone, this time I will share ideas for dorm decoration. With so many inspirations to choose from to decorate your room, making the bedroom cooler and more comfortable, so you don't get bored in the room, what shape do you like? 

People often choose to move to another city to continue their studies at their favorite university to gain knowledge.

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If you live in a city far from your home, the easiest and most common accommodation option is to rent a boarding house as a temporary residence until you finish 3 or 4 years of university studies. Often, boarding houses are easier to find than a monthly search for homes or apartments for rent.

Boarding apartments are an option because they are easier and cheaper.

Currently, boarding houses are no longer synonymous with shabby or messy rooms, because we occupy them like at home, take care of them comfortably,

You can also beautify the room by adding colorful lights, dark lights, bright lights, wall hangings to make you feel at home.

Real estate website jigiyosa.com will give you the inspiration to decorate a beautiful and comfortable room.

12 Trending Room Decor Inspirations for 2022

1. Minimalist decoration with wall decoration

Simple minimalist bathroom decoration size 3x4, painting natural landscapes, hanging curtains on the bedroom wall. Then there are some other decorations, such as a small flower pot on a small table, our photo, and other decorations to beautify the room.

2. Dormitory size 3x3

Don't hesitate to have bedsheets with cute motifs and colors, such as pictures of animals or animated pictures, as well as a small study table for wall hangings and boarding houses.
This room decoration is suitable for a 3x3 meter room design, don't hesitate, to be creative, with a study table that is suitable for students and students.

3. Dormitory size 3x3 looks big

If you don't want to change the boarding room too much to make it look big and simple. Just mount a movie poster, painting, or other wall decoration. Don't forget to add a 3x3 meter room decoration to make the room more comfortable and luxurious.

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4. Mirror as a wall decoration in a 3x3 room

One way to add to the decor of the room is actually quite simple, namely by installing a mirror to add value to yourself in the room. Mirrors are not only used for mirroring but can also be an attractive wall decoration in a room, especially if the mirror size is large enough.

5. Masculine design size 3x3

Only minimalist paintings, wall chandeliers, and railings are added to this cabinet that adds to the aesthetic value. This minimalist design without too many gadgets is perfect for men, and the style is definitely more masculine and dignified.

6. Comfortable narrow rooms will not bore you

This photo shows a simple room decoration that is narrow but looks comfortable without making us bored. One way to get around tight spaces is to reduce the number of items and have storage space to keep it simple.

7. Hang the photo on the 3x3 dorm wall

An inexpensive way to decorate a room is to hang a picture on the wall, especially if you like taking pictures, you can also take pictures with our partners, our families. By looking at their photos, we don't feel lonely away from them.

8. 3x4. Bookshelf Desk Decoration

This photo shows a 3x4 room design with lots of decorations placed on a bookshelf (buffet table) where other decorations can be added. If the room is large, say 3x4 meters, it can accommodate a lot of room decor, but don't overdo it. Continue to decorate with small objects.

9. A 3x3 room full of wall hangings

Well, that's boys room decor with pictures on the wall, framed with quotes, best for pictures of animals. The room is indeed small, but because of the simple way of arranging the room, the results are very different and you will definitely feel comfortable.

10. Minimalist Room Design 3x3

If you look at this minimalist room decoration, it is definitely suitable for decorating a boy's room or decorating a men's room, some men prefer a simple room. Only with a bed, a seat and a TV, a minimalist room, like in a cafe or outdoors, so it's not too boring to be in the room.

11. 3x3 room. booth display

This unique room decoration is different because it has a simple small wall shelf that has the function of storing small items to display our valuables. In addition, there are many other decorations such as pictures, pillows, small pots, mirrors, wall colors with integrated shelves which I think are very valuable when decorating a room.

12. Unique and cute room decoration

Unique bedroom decor pictures featuring a bedroom full of cool and funny illustrations that make us smile every time.

There are many ways to add a touch of color to a room's d├ęcor and make it look more appealing.